A Look Into MState Players’ Lives off the Field

I truly enjoy researching Mississippi State players and writing articles about their life off the field. It is interesting to see what type of person they are in their community, what their hobbies are and what their true personality is when they are with their families. Now, I know the reason we all follow them is because of their talents at Mississippi State. We love the game. But just like  everyone else, they are multifaceted. Football is their job. School is their job. But what do they like to do when they have time off from the pads and helmets?

Dak is an outdoor sportsman. He loves the chance to hunt, fish, and do it all with his little brother and family members. He is also involved with his church and spends time with the youth group.

Jameon Lewis loves his ink. He has gotten some very impressive tattoos lately. Namely, a shield with the MState logo on his forearm. He literally wears his State pride.

De’Runnya Wilson, whose name is so fitting, got bored with the end of the football season, so he joined the basketball team! He played both football and basketball in high school, and didnt want to choose between the two.Ive heard it be said that idle hands become the devil’s workshop. No idle hands with this guy! He made a few baskets, got some rebounds, and genuinely enjoyed his time. He quickly realized how exhausted he was, and retired his sneakers in favor of football. As everyone knows, football never quits.

LaDarius Perkins, although not with State anymore, had his own day in his hometown of Greenville. That’s pretty awesome. What an honor! The Governor declared March 25th ‘LaDarius Perkins Day’, and had a wonderful celebration at his high school which included retiring his jersey. He is now preparing for the NFL Draft. Good Luck!

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