Realizing What It Takes

It has long been said/proven that the world of sports is dominated by men. We can all see how true this is. Football is the most popular, most viewed, and makes the most money. Baseball and basketball have major followings also, but what’s with the disconnect in women’s basketball? It is broadcast on TV, but the point stands that the audience and popularity is much less than the male counterparts, even though they are all equally talented. Only in the past couple decades, since Title IX, have women truly become present in the world of sports.We love our pioneer sportscasters, Robin Roberts, Hannah Storm, Bonnie Bernstein, to name a few. Also our former head coach of women’s basketball, Sharon Fanning-Otis has had so many accomplishments, awards and accolades. How do they balance it all?

I’m convinced they are truly Super Women in disguise.

As women, we have been told our roles are to make babies, clean house, cook, become childrens’ on-demand-unpaid-taxi-drivers, be gracious to our husbands, stay skinny and smile. What?!

In recent years, women have tried so hard to make strides in breaking through the barrier of the sports world. Unfortunately, it can often be  a huge hill to climb, especially when it includes the unavoidable distractions of everyday adult life. I understand that many women do not have children and families to be distracted by. We all know Erin Andrews, and that she is single and very attractive. Which brings me to something else.

Researching ‘female sportscasters’ on Google is totally degrading. Start typing this and see what pops up. “50 hottest female broadcasters”; “10 sexiest broadcasters”.Of course Erin Andrews’ peeping tom debacle is at the top. Let it be known there are an unlimited supply of tan bikini-clad hotties to look at, too. Jeeze, guys!! Yuck!

The good news? More than ever before, women are being highly regarded and respected for their sports knowledge. The general public doesn’t automatically tune females out, and wait to hear what the men have to say. For example, Mississippi State’s own former Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Sharon Fanning-Otis, was the winningest coach in school history. And let’s not forget the incredible Pat Summit–she has definitely left her mark in the world of women’s basketball, but not without her fair share of struggles. Thanks to her and the other brave pioneers, it’s getting better every day! Women have regular spots on talk shows, news columns, and blogs. TV anchors, sideline reporters, writers, editors are all getting a second look and second chance. I’m highly appreciative of the turning tide, and the new generation of equal rights/opportunities minded sports fans.

Thoughts, comments, support?

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