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Tiger fans and my beloved followers I have soooo much to tell you! I wanna start with the most recent news to pop up on my phone via a Sports Center update: LSU’s quarterback, Stephen Rivers, has stated his desire to transfer to Vanderbilt and will be eligible immediately. Yes this is bad news, but at the same time, no, it’s not!

Yeah, that’s a lot to take in, but let’s break it down just a little further. First of all, he was the back up quarterback in 2012, but then Anthony Jennings stepped into the picture, knocking Rivers into 3rd place. I was actually pretty upset because as I’ve said in the past Jennings hasn’t impressed me yet, so maybe having a good back up would be good for the Tigers. Buuuut then there’s always the fact that Rivers didn’t attempt a pass in 2013, and the two he has thrown in his college career were both incomplete and he has only run for two yards while in college. So when I read those stats and I look at Jennings, young and full of potential, I see a silver lining on what looks like another cloud of confusion hovering over LSU.

Rivers has the ability to play for two more years if he goes to a school that offers a graduate program that LSU doesn’t. Rivers was only given the option of transfer by LSU if he stays within the SEC and after visiting Vanderbilt Rivers has told reporters he enjoyed the trip and looks forward to making his official decision. I gotta say, I’m excited for that decision too!

Our next topic of discussion is the helmet cameras for quarterbacks. LSU won’t be the first college team  to use Schutt’s cameras on their helmets – Clemson and Texas Tech both plan to utilize them and for good reason!  These cameras will allow coaches to see what the quarterback sees on the field. This can lead to more accurate play calls, changes to game plans, and a better understanding of what happens on the field, from a new and fresh angle. More teams are expected to start using the cameras and I’m hoping to see some vast improvements in coaching and on the field because of it!

Final order of business? The quarterback competition at LSU is heating up, but right now most news is covering Anthony Jennings and his upcoming season with the Tigers. According to many sources, Jennings is lucky and will be able to work with one of the very best offensive lines in the league, and a running back many compare to Adrian Peterson. So even though he struggles with some aspects of college football  and keeping up with the Tigers, he has us all standing here hoping he catches up quickly, especially since Rivers is leaving us hanging in the rafters. Jennings is intelligent and was obviously talented enough to snag a quarterback position on an SEC team so with all the media coverage coming across as hopeful and positive it could prove to be good after all!. If not, Les “mad hatter” Miles always has redshirt freshman Hayden Rettig who is known for his traditional pocket passing style.

There it is, the scoop on all things QB this spring for the Tigers! I hope you feel more caught up to date now and I hope you tweet me what you think of these cameras, Rivers’ transfer to Vanderbilt and the QB competition! My twitter handle is @KymbryeAnn  Also, if you want to, you can leave your email address in a comment on here and I’ll shoot you an e-vite to the launch of my website!! Or email me and I’ll reply with that e-vite!

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