UTSA Spring Practice Wrap Up- Week 2

Spring Ball is in full swing, just in time to give any die hard UTSA football a little taste of fall to get them through the summer months. In case I’m referring to you, here’s a quick recap to help satisfy your football thirst. . .

Coach Coker noted how energetic the defense was, and at the same time the team needs to prevent penalties and the number of dropped balls, and gain consistency. All in all it was a good, progressive week, he said. Compared to this time last year, Coker says his team is much stronger, faster, and works much better together.

Senior QB Tucker Carter is an excellent passer, and steadily moved the ball down the field Friday. Freshman QB Austin Robinson is really quick on his feet, did a good job of running the ball, including running in for a touchdown. RB Jarveon Williams played really well Friday, impressing Coker quite a bit. He’s quickly becoming a standout on the team.

Coach Coker says the defensive front is really strong. He specifically named Singletary at defensive end, Jason Neil at defensive tackle, as well as Bennett Okotcha at corner back. Coker lit up as he mentioned freshman linebackers Tank O’Neal and Marcos Curry. He is definitely impressed with their talents.

Friday was incredibly windy, with gusts over 25 mph. Sean Ianno, senior kicker, exploded the ball up, into the gusting winds, for a 56 yd field goal.

The team will continue practice next week, followed by a spring scrimmage held at Smithson Valley High School Stadium Saturday, April 12. This will be your chance to come out and cheer on the ‘Runners, and get a taste of the greatness we will see in August.

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A true southern girl at heart, Laurie was raised to love football. Her years at Mississippi State really developed her passion for everything gameday: Getting primped and polished in über-cute outfits, tailgating with new and old friends, fans clanging cowbells with great exuberance while the Bulldogs play great football inside Davis Wade Stadium. Laurie is a huge fan of Coach Mullen, his wife, Megan, and the team he has built. Could this team have a Heisman candidate??… After moving to Texas and marrying a fellow football fan who graduated from UTSA, she was thrilled when UTSA announced its plan to build a football program. The Athletic Director, Mrs. Lynn Hickey, has done a phenomenal job and has a large fan following, including Laurie. Laurie has been a season ticket holder since the first season, and has loved watching the team grow. Laurie loves to be crafty at times. Hand-painted glasses for both teams fill her cabinets, team wreaths hang on her front door. Her blue and orange feathered sombrero makes it to every UTSA game, loud and proud. Laurie has a B.S. in Marketing, and a Minor in Apparel, Textiles, and Merchandising from Mississippi State University.

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