UTSA Practice Notes, Week 3: ‘We Have a lot of Work to Do’

Coach Coker was very straight forward at the end of Wednesday’s practice. He talked very frankly that the team has a lot of work to do. He said, “we have good football players, but not a good football team right now. We have too many mistakes on offense, and eventually give up some plays. I like the football PLAYERS, but not the team. We’ve got a lot of work to do to become a good team and have a chance to beat anybody. But that’s why we practice. So let’s get our minds right, let’s get back, let’s finish up our week in good shape, and let’s become a good football team, because we do have good football players.”

Mentioning quarterbacks, Coker said Tucker Carter will be “really good” this season; “he’s sharp, he throws really well, he’s a veteran, and players can catch his balls. Austin has a lot of talent, but is young, still developing and progressing.”

In mentioning what Coker likes about Jarveon Williams, he said that Jarveon is talented, compact, has good vision, has a good feeling of where things are coming from, and how to get out of traffic and down the field. “He looks natural”, Coker says.

Coach Coker also mentioned WR Earon Holmes. He made some big catches, played really well Wednesday, perhaps the best he’s seen yet…

Coker is looking forward to having the stands full at the spring scrimmage this Saturday at Smithson Valley H.S. Stadium.


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