NFL? More like LSU Reunion League

If you have ever sat down to do the math you should know that LSU has sent over 30 boys to the NFL in just the past 5 years. That’s about 6 players a year if you were to average it out.

So I thought I could give you a brief breakdown of who those boys are, where they were signed and when they went!
Sit tight, there’s 32 of them!

2013 (9):
1. Barkevious Mingo, who went to the Cleveland Browns in the1st round.
2. Eric Reid, who we saw trade his Tigers in for the San Francisco 49ers in the 1st round.
3 and 4. Kevin Minter, who plays for a team pretty close to my home state, the Arizona Cardinals, also the home of Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu. Minter went to the Cardinals in the 2nd round and Mathieu went in the 3rd.
5. Bennie Logan, who went to the  Philadelphia Eagles in the 3rd round of the draft.
6. One of my favorite players of all time, Sam Montgomery, left LSU and went to Houston to play for the Texans in the 3rd round of the draft.
7. The Seattle Seahawks were lucky enough to snatch up Tharold Simon in the 5th round, and hopefully they recognize the eye of the Tiger in that boy!
8. and 9. Lavar Edwards, who was chosen to go to my mom’s favorite team, the Tennessee Titans in the 5th round, then his former LSU teammate, Spencer Ware, became his current Titans teammate in the 6th round.

Don’t you just love when teams get more than 1 Tiger? That’s how you know they’re gonna do well!

2012 (5):
1. This first guy went to the WRONG team, but he went 1st round so congrats to the Dallas Cowboys for swooping in and grabbing Morris Claiborne!
2. The St. Louis Rams scored big in the 1st round also, signing Michael Brockers to their roster.
3. and 4. We saw Reuben Randle go to the New York Giants in the 2nd round of the 2012 draft then Brandon Taylor went to the San Diego Chargers in the 3rd round. Both big wins for the NFL.
5. The stinky smelly Buffalo Bills hit the jackpot in the 4th round getting their share of Tiger greatness out of former LSU player Ron Brooks.

2011 (6):
1. Looks like the 2013 boys lucked out, former LSU player Patrick Peterson also went to the Arizona Cardinals in the 1st round of the 2011 draft. Looks like the Cardinals really love LSU!
2. and 3. Kelvin Sheppard signed early in the 3rd round with the Buffalo Bills while Stevan Ridley went to my ultimate nemesis team the New England Patriots, also in the 3rd round.
4. and 5. The Colts chose Drake Nevis in the 3rd round while the Oakland Raiders opted for Joseph Barksdale that same round.
6. Little did Lazarius Levingston know it, but in the 7th round of the 2011 NFL draft he was signing with the 2014 Super Bowl Champs the Seattle Seahawks.

2010 (6):
1. and 2. Chad Jones went to the NY Giants in the 3rd round while the Panthers signed LSU’s Brandon LaFell in that same round.
3. and 4. The Redskins and the Saints lucked out in the 4th round – the Redskins chose Perry Riley to play for their team while New Orleans picked up Al Woods.
5. In the 6th round LSU said goodbye to Trindon Holliday who signed with the Texans.
6. The Eagles also chose wisely with their 6th round pick, picking up Charles Scott of LSU.

2009 (6):
1. Tyson Jackson left Louisiana to play for my Dad’s home town team, the Kansas City Chiefs, in the 2009 NFL draft’s 1st round.
2. and 3. We didn’t see any other LSU players go til the 5th round when Quinn Johnson went to the Green Bay Packers and Herman Johnson went to the LSU… I mean Arizona Cardinals.
4., 5., and 6. The 49ers got lucky twice in the 7th round, signing Curtis Taylor then Ricky John-Francois while the Chargers decided on Demetrius Byrd (who was one of the first players at LSU that I followed individually).

Now I think Arizona should change their mascot and just be LSU’s professional team since they seem to snag as much Tiger talent as they can get their claws on. Some of LSU’s finest players have gone to play in Arizona, after all!

Now you see just how important LSU is to the collegiate football world, sending 5 or more players to the pros every year for the past five years, and certainly in years before that!

Most of the players we saw leave LSU and go on to thrive in the NFL were defensive backs, with Mathieu being my personal favorite former Tiger. If you have heard some of these names before and felt like they were familiar it probably has something to do with their time in Baton Rouge helping the Tigers carry on the fame in the SEC.

Keep reading and replying, and as always keep loving purple and living geauxld!

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