Oregon Receiver, Darren Carrington: ‘No Need to Worry’

“There’s no need to worry. We’ve got a lot of young guys ready to listen and step up and make big plays.” – Oregon receiver, Darren Carrington

Ask any Duck fan what their eyes will be on in the Ducks upcoming Spring Game and you’ll likely hear this first: The receivers.

Sure, the program has its share of newer leaders in Head Coach, Mark Helfrich, Offensive Coordinator, Scott Frost and Defensive Coordinator, Don Pellum; but overall Duck fans trust those guys and accept their years of experience with the Oregon system a sufficient resume to carry on and win the day. What isn’t as trusted is just what young Duck receivers will be able to do this up coming season.

In just a couple of short months, the Ducks have lost several key leaders in the passing game including, Josh Huff and Daryle Hawkins, who declared for the Draft; and Bralon Addison, who suffered a probable season-ending knee injury during Spring practice. With the absence of a clear, veteran, dependable receiver, many young and budding starts await their chance to emerge as that go-to guy.

There’s no doubt that Oregon native, Keanon Lowe will be leading the way in this fairly inexperienced group, but with some years of solid recruiting success, the Ducks have landed a few little gems including, Redshirt Sophomore, Darren Carrington, a 2013 4 -star recruit and son of Darren Carrington Sr., a 8- year NFL veteran who played in two Super Bowls.

Though currently nursing an injury, Carrington expects to be ready to play a solid role this season in the passing game. Arriving in Eugene last fall, Carrington, who as a high school freshman dreamed of becoming a Duck, spent the past year learning from those afore mentioned veterans, namely Josh Huff.These days, he looks to Keanon Lowe, but also feels he and several other guys have what it take to become an early leader, telling gridirongirl, “There’s no need to worry. We’ve got a lot of young guys ready to listen and step up and make big plays.”

Despite knowing many eyes are on his group, Carrington is mainly concerned with having fun on the field, excitedly saying, “everyday is fun, especially when I’m practicing.” With a big smile and humble, yet confident dimeanor, he talks about relaxing in his down time with his new buddy, junior transfer and corner, Dominique Harrison, and turning to his family, especially his father, for advice and support. When asked how he feels about any added pressure on him or his teammates right now, Carrington again smiled and replied,

“Honestly, I don’t even think about it. I’m just trying to get on the field first. Play my first game. Play my first snaps and then go from there. But you gotta work hard. So I’m just working hard so that can just come easy,” he said.

As Duck fans look forward to the upcoming season, let’s hope he’s not the only receiver working hard so that can just come easy. Chances are, he’s not.

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