UTSA: "We Are Strong. We Are a Team."

Wednesday was the last spring practice for 38 seniors. These guys are the originals to the team. The ones that as Coker said Wednesday, started diving at knees and toes 4 years ago, have come incredibly far.

This was the best spring practice in the short history of UTSA’s football program. Coker is really proud of the whole team, and recognized all the Seniors’ hard work, dedication, and motivation to start the program from the ground up. They have been the building blocks of the team. They have been mentors for the younger guys. They have gone from individuals, to a trusting team with a bond as strong as super glue. Alluding to his days at Miami, Coker said, “When the offense and defense are good, they make each other better, and that’s a good thing. It really shows.”

The energy was absolutely palpable on Wednesday’s practice. The offense was making plays happen, and Coker says, “it’s all about the quarterback position, the guys surrounding him are bigger, stronger, faster, and I think that’s key. The guys have been really good at receiving…we will be really solid on offense.” The defense had several crushing stops as well. Talking defense, he says, “we’ve really made a lot of progress. We’re playing two deep on defense.” The players were so focused, so zoned in on performing. Everyone was in synch. After each awesome defensive play, they were high-fiving and chest bumping. The sideline was chanting “Let’s Go Runners!” and “Psy-cho De-fense!”back to the field, reciprocating the energy all around.

These Seniors no doubt have a special place in Roadrunner football history, but they are leaving the sophomores and juniors with so much knowledge, and a strong team mentality. Led by example, the sophomores and juniors really look up to the seniors. This team is getting so good, so fast. The coaching staff has been working together, just as the players, which helps in synchronizing plays, mentality, etc.

Saturday, Coker wants “guys to do what they’ve been coached to do, to protect the quarterback, kind of see how that goes, and also, just a fun football game.” It being a spring game, Coker wants the guys to have fun, and at the same time, change playing fields, get under the lights of the Dome, in front of a rowdy crowd, and see how they perform under some pressure.

He expects Tucker to have a good fall season, along with David Glasco, Jarveon Williams, and Brandon Armstrong looking really good, but notes that it IS a team, it’s not about any particular person. He notes again how impressed he is with the secondary, and how good everything is going on defense.

It’ll be exciting for all the players to get in the Dome, and for the fans to see all the hard work they’ve been doing on the field.

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