10 Reasons to Attend Oregon’s Spring Game

Oregon fans, It’s time to return to Autzen for a little taste of football before a 4 month lull in no-huddle Oregon action.

This Saturday, May 3rd at 11am, the Ducks will hold their annual Spring Game- a final scrimmage culminating all their Spring practice efforts. The game will last just about 2 hours, but will give Ducks fans a little taste of what’s to come this fall. You may be asking yourself, “What’s the point of going to watch the Ducks play against themselves?” Don’t worry, even my best guy friends have asked the same thing. To get you in the Spring Game spirit, here are a few of the top reasons you should definitely pack up the fam and head to the game…(Ok, I confess, a few of these are from last year, but hey! who cares?)

1. It’s FREE with a donation of 3 can’s of food per person. With the rising ticket prices, when was the last time the whole family attended a Ducks game? This is a perfect opportunity that won’t break the bank!

2. It’s kid friendly. Whereas your kids might be exposed to a couple dozen profanities, or drunkards being pulled out by EPD in the fall, the Spring Game is generally very relaxed and kid friendly- especially since it begins at 11am. A mom’s gotta love that! No “Ear Muffs” needed.

3. The game will only last about 2 hours– About half the amount of time of a regular game. If you want to experience Autzen, but tend to fall asleep around halftime, this is the event for you!

4. The post-game ceremony should be awesome! The Spring Game will honor members of the US military. Following the game, service members and players will line up, facing each other. They will then meet in the middle of the field, where they will exchange jersey’s for Challenge Coins.

5. You can work on your tan. The sun will be shining (maybe)- a rare event in Oregon- and you might as well take advantage of the opportunity to get your pre- Summer tan on!

6. You’ll get to watch Marcus Mariota’s body language. Wait. What? Yes, I said body language. Marcus is a stud on the field, but it’s no secret he’s had to continually work on his leadership skills. Last year, he was focused on becoming more “vocal”. This year, he’s working on his “body language”-being more confident, etc. I guess if that’s the main area he’s working on, the Ducks are probably in good hands, right?

7. It’s a good excuse to wear your Duck gear. Let’s face it, Oregon fans love their gear- ALL year long. Who want’s to lose out on an opportunity to wear their “I Love My Ducks” shirt? Or better yet, head down to the Duck Store and find something new! We all know Nike loves Oregon the most and reserves only the best gear for Ducks fans. Come on, you know you wanna!

8You’ll get to see new talent!  With Oregon’s great success over the past few years, the program’s been able to recruit some gems  Some have been making their way up the depth chart and others will surely make their debut.  Impress all the men in your life by learning the names of some of the younger guys….eventually they too will be household names. Just remember a couple years back when our beloved Marcus Mariota stunned a Spring Game crowd with his Autzen debut. This year, keep your eye on those receivers. It’s a group that former Duck and now Philidelphia Eagle, Will Murphy, told me yesterday had more talent than even his receiver group had. As an added bonus, keep your eye on Keanon Lowe #7. He’s going to HAVE to be a stand out this year and I’ve warned him that many eyes will be focused on him this year. Please don’t prove me wrong.

9. Another Quarterback battle starts now.  Like every year, the Spring Game is used to help coaches determine who will start in certain positions. It’s not the only test but is a factor. Just like last year,  the back-up Quarterback position is unsettled. . .still. As much as we’d all be devastated if Mariota was injured, Oregon’s system makes quarterbacks very vulnerable- making the back up position VERY important. This year, Jeff Lockie and Jake Rodriguez will duke it out. Scott Frost said today on 95.3am that a stand out is emerging but the staff plans to use the Spring Game as part of the decision making process. If you get bored, focus on those guys (they’ll be wearing red jerseys) and play “coach for the day”. Last year, I was leaning toward Rodriguez but this year, the jury’s still out.

10. It’s what REAL Duck fans do. Although it isn’t a “real” game, it’s time to show your true Duck spirit- just ask Alabama fans. Each year, 80,000 + Crimson Tide fans pour into their stadium for “A-Day”. I know the south is a bit crazy about their football, but a UO gridirongirl can dream right?

See ya there and Go Ducks!!!

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  1. Just for future reference, it’s Jeff Lockie and Jake Rodrigues.

    I’ll be there with a friend and his son.

    Love the Spring Game.

    • Thanks Ron! Oops 🙂 jake’s was a typo and I
      ALWAYS spell Lockie wrong for some
      Reason 🙂 Go Ducks!!

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