The 2014 NFL Draft Mystery Explained

To round out the NFL draft, Kevin Norwood went to the Seattle Seahawks and Vinnie Sunseri went to the Saints.  Ed Stinson will become an Arizona Cardinal and Jeoffrey Pagan went to the Houston Texans.  Last, but definitely not least, AJ McCarron goes on to play for the Bengals.

The big story that most Alabama fans are talking about is the mysterious case of why a QB that has 3 National Championship rings could go so late in the draft?  As my Dad would say “he’s nothing but a winner.”  The rumors swirl that he doesn’t have the arm strength, or that may be he is just too cocky.  UH HUM…if too cocky were the case, Johnny Manziel would still be sitting in Radio City Music Hall, twitching his fingers in his “money” sign waiting to be picked even after they turned the lights out!

I would like to point out that AJ had to work harder, overcome more adversity and prove himself over and over again.  So there it is!  Do I think Johnny is a good QB and did he deserve to go when he did?   Yes, he really did.  However, does that make AJ any less of an athlete?  I think not.  AJ wins ballgames. That is what he does and I believe the Bengals are going to be quite impressed with that skill.

So ‘let the haters’ hate’ as they say and AJ will just continue to prove himself on the field as always!


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  1. As a fan of the northwest teams, I was also a little stunned that a good decision maker and team leader was not chosen a little higher in the draft. The thought that the guys around him are so good that it is easy for him is really not that strong of a case as they would have had a fourth championship and 22 players drafted if true. He had to drag them out of holes a few times and showed he could do it. It will be fun to watch how he progresses.

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