West Coast QB Turned Bama Boy

Four-star recruit QB Blake Barnett from Corona, California has made the decision to play for Alabama!  He won’t be down in Tuscaloosa until the 2015 season, but he is already geared up after his visit and ready to play for Saban as well as Kiffin.

When asked about his visit to Alabama and how mind blowing that change of pace will be for him to go from being a Southern California kid to an Alabama boy, he simply said “he fell in love” when he came to visit.  Not just with the campus, but the coaches, the staff, the school, all of it.  He feels that even though his other choice was a west coast school, that Alabama is the place for him.

What makes this news even juicer is that Alabama and Oregon, two of the gridirongirl giants, were fighting for this recruit!  He made visits and talked with coaches from both schools but he has ultimately decided that he wants to play for Alabama.  His words for Alabama fans?  “Roll Tide”, of course!  🙂

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