Who will be Alabama’s Starting Quarterback?


Former Florida State QB turned Alabama transfer could possibly lead the Tide this season

Former Florida State QB turned Alabama transfer could possibly lead the Tide

Who the starting QB will be this fall is hotter talk in T-Town than a tin roof in August!

What is all the fuss about?  AJ McCarron, the starting quarterback for the Tide for the last three seasons has gone on to the NFL.  In the meantime, while AJ is getting married to the beautiful Katherine Webb and getting on with life, many Alabama fans are wondering who is going to take his place?

It’s a reasonable question, as there are many choices out there right now.  Blake Sims, the senior who started in the spring game. has been a favorite for some time now.  Then suddenly, Alabama snaked Jacob Coker, who some are coining as the ‘cookie cutter AJ’.  Truth is, they do hail from the same city, Mobile, and they both went to the same school, St. Patrick’s Episcopal.  Could it really even be possible that two legendary quarterbacks could come from the same tiny, private school; essentially one right after the other?  Or are some people jumping the gun with this one?

One could speculate until Mississippi State wins a National Championship, but the fact of the matter is, Saban isn’t telling.  He plays with the media and teases fans with words like “two-quarterback system” and “seeing who will take the bull by the horns”.  Could he possibly be waiting for that one player to step up and take the lead or does he already know?  Would an incoming transfer like Jacob Coker be too intimidated by Senior Blake Sims to step up?

This is what St. Nick is saying about it to the media:

 When you come to picking players, and you’re trying to decide who’s going to be the leader of your team, you can’t really force those things,” Saban said. “You can’t force a relationship. You can’t force happiness. I was always told ‘If you work hard you’ll be successful. If you’re successful you’ll be happy.’ That’s not always true. You have to do something of significance. Somebody on our team is going to have to take the bull by the horns to be the quarterback, and I would like to see that sooner rather than later. But I have no control over that.

He has no control over that?  Who is he kidding?  He has total control; he “has more money than God” as Ouiser from Steel Magnolias would say!  He probably already knows, because he is just that smart and calculating.  He plays his hand close to his vest and always will.  However, if he feels like it, he may just wake up, watch the Weather Channel while eating his oatmeal cream pie on that first Saturday morning of football season and say “yep, now I know who I am going to start today.”  But until then…it’s anyone’s guess.

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2 Comments on Who will be Alabama’s Starting Quarterback?

  1. Chip Sullivan // August 13, 2014 at 9:15 pm // Reply

    If Coker isn’t it will surprise me big time cause Sims has had 5 years to show something anything an he has yet to do that in fact Sims hasn’t shown really anything except for the fact that he can run but we Bama don’t need a running back oh and let’s not forget Sims has shown that he will crumble under pressure in a game situation so there’s my opinion on Bama’s QB battle Coker wins the job hands down!!!!Roll Tide Roll Baby!!!

    • Tracie Marcum // August 14, 2014 at 12:40 pm // Reply

      Chip – I must say I agree. If Sims hasn’t stepped up by now to show us something special (and he hasn’t) I don’t see how he could win the job.

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