SEC Fashion Divas – 2014 Edition

Kickin' it Sassy Style with 2Tee Couture

Kickin’ it Sassy Style with 2Tee Couture

Your gridirongirls have been hard at work this season searching high and low for the latest and greatest game day fashions for this fall.  Here at gridirongirl, we don’t want to our readers to be wearing the same old thing season in and season out.  so we set out to bring you the very latest in what is in for this fall, so that our gridirongirls will forever be known as the one that sets the bar when it comes to looking good on game day.  We don’t follow the trends, we set them!


In searching, we made our way last week to Atlanta’s Americasmart where we found some of the cutest items we have seen this year.  Things are definitely being kicked up a notch in the game day attire section for most designers!  They realize that women want to be cute, yet comfortable and we need pieces that can last through-out the year.  With that in mind, we met with designer, Sigal Levi, from 2tee Couture and discussed her unique style and how it seemed to cater to who else? The girls of the SEC.   Her vision was to have things that can be worn by women of all ages on game day and beyond.  Her California meets Texas style is perfect for what the ladies of the SEC want, which is to be sassy but feminine!  Her bohemian styled blouses are perfect paired with denim shorts for the summer games while her flowing dresses with the fringe really rock when paired with your favorite pair of cowboy boots!


Your game day closet will simply not be complete without one of these pieces, so head on over and check out their stuff!

Set the trend, don’t follow it.



While I, the Alabama gridirongirl, was in Atlanta checking out all the newest designers, Oregon gridirongirl, Nichole Brown, was in Oregon putting on the annual gridirongirl fashion shoot!  (I told you guys we had been working hard!)  So check back later for more great styles from some of our favorites like College Hautees, StripedShirt and our newest love, Slater Zorn!

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  1. Chip Sullivan // August 13, 2014 at 9:05 pm // Reply

    Super Hot- This Girl is the definition of Fine!!!

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