Hi, have you met Leonard?

In case you’ve been on another planet and missed the news, LSU is set to debut one of its newest stars.

We’re talking about LSU’s 19 year old prodigy Leonard Fournette who Wikipedia describes as:

“… an American football running back from New Orleans. He is the No. 1 overall recruit in his class according to ESPN.”

After reading that alone, I’m sure you are feeling tied to this young man and his potential to lead LSU to many future victories the way we saw Jeremy Hill lead the ambush during his time with the team.

To add to the Fournette excitement, an article in Sports Illustrated listed him as a potential competitor for the Heisman. Not only does SI refer to his massive size, standing 6-foot-1 and weighing in at 225-pounds but they also state, “The hype surrounding this 19-year-old is palpable in Baton Rouge.” And they’re not joking! Fournette’s company on the list of front runners include the infamous Jameis Winston of FSU, Marcus Mariota, hailing from the Oregon Ducks, Georgia’s junior running back, Todd Gurley, and a number of quarterbacks.

If Fournette lives up to even half of the excitement that surrounds his name, he will not have let us down. Being  the number 1 overall recruit based on ESPN is a big deal on it’s own, but being a freshman in the running for this coveted award is surely an epic way to start your college football career.

Fournette will have no problem towering over many of LSU’s opponents this fall, but even in SEC match-ups the boy is predicted to overwhelm the competition. With size and speed to boot, LSU is sitting on a golden egg and the tigers know it.

So I ask you now….haaaave you met Leonard? If not, you should. This might be the human life raft for the tigers during what is expected to be one of their hardest seasons in a while.

If reading this didn’t give you a rush of exhilaration, I don’t know what will! The seasons begins in just 3 days and the heat is surely on for the tigers as this year marks the first of the new playoff format. I’m ready; are you? Keep loving purple and living gold (you better geaux out and buy a Fournette jersey now before they sell out)!

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