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Alabama Athletics released its first official depth chart for the season.  As the much anticipated move had fans chomping at the bit to not only see, but to hear St. Nick discuss, it was pretty anticlimactic.  There were no happy surprises and no big bomb shells on who the starting QB would be, because like we already discussed, Nick Saban is not giving anything away and neither are his players.

Later in his news conference, when asked about the starting quarterback situation still showing as “Blake Sims/Jacob Coker” in the official chart, his response was “that decision has yet to be made”.


What he did say was that he does not plan to play the QBs by quarters or series, so that has to mean he has someone in mind. but  will only say they are both doing a good job and that he will decide who is going to start “later this week”.

Thanks for leaving us hanging Nick!

With that being said, if you take the cues from Nick’s body language and the way he delivers what he says about each QB, I believe he is going to start. . .dum da da dum. . . Sims.  And yes, you can quote me on that!

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