Aggies win BIG in South Carolina

They did it. They walked into a hostile environment, versus a top 10 team, with an 18 home game winning streak on the line, and they did it. Welcome back College football! How we missed you, but you were oh so worth the wait.

The Aggies kicked off the football season with a huge statement last night. All pre-season we heard how the Aggies would not be good without Johnny Manziel and Mike Evans. Losing those 2 big weapons would hurt most teams. What people were not counting on were what the players the coaches had in the pipeline ready to step up and make a name for themselves. And make a name they did. Texas A&M was trending on all major social media outlets even 12+ hours after the game ended. #sliver


Kenny Hill – The Sophomore QB from Southlake Carroll (who, if you are from Texas, you know that is a program of Champions) stepped on the field with confidence oozing. Pre-game warm ups showed Hill smiling and enjoying himself and of course, the post-game press conference showed him still smiling. Well done Mr. Hill! Setting the A&M school passing record in your first game of the season – not too shabby!

Ricky Seals Jones – RSJ “grew up” in that game as Coach Sumlin mentioned. Not only did he make some beautiful catches, but he had some incredible blocks as well. He is going to be a force to reckon with.

Speedy Noil – True freshman Noil took over the #2 jersey and stepped into some big shoes with that number on his back. We think he will do just fine. Perhaps having a few first-game-ever jitters, he still made some incredible plays. Speedy is an incredible athlete and we will be hearing his name a lot. Plus, with a name like “speedy” – how can you expect anything else!?

Malcome Kennedy – There has not been much pre-season talk about the veteran WR. There will be today. He is reliable and deserves all the praise he gets. He keeps drives going and can make the big play when needed.

Josh Reynolds – Welcome to Aggie football Josh! We are glad to have you! A community college transfer, Reynolds showed up last night making plays and finding the endzone in the 3rd quarter.

Armani Watts – WOW on Watts. That’s about all that is needed. A true freshman, Watts was all over that field. He made a touchdown saving hard hit in the end zone, and snagged an interception. Great first game!

Myles Garrett – Another true freshman who spent the game all up in S Carolinas QB’s face. He is going to make a lot of QB’s lives difficult this season.

Trey Williams, Brandon Williams, Tra Carson – The running game! That is really all I need to say. I love all 3 of the Aggie s starting RB’s. All are different and bring something new to the game. All are awesome!

O-Line – The Maroon Goons – they kept Kenny’s icy white uni icy white! Those big boys performed their jobs with perfection. Without a stellar offensive line, the rest of the offense has an uphill battle to climb. With the Aggie’s offensive line, Hill and his arsenal of weapons can walk out there with confidence and know they will have the time to do what they need to do. Well done O-line!

Kevin Sumlin, Jake Spavital, Mark Snyder, BJ Anderson, Mark Hagen, Jeff Banks, David Beaty, Terry Joseph, Clarence McKinney, Terry Price – Not only did our coaches have a perfect game plan (one that was jumbled up a bit when Clear went out of the game early) but they got the right guys in the right place at the right time. You cannot discount the recruiting efforts of these coaches and the impact the new guys are having. A+ coaches. And then there is Larry Jackson – The media may not mention Coach Jackson often, but watching how worn out and tired that S. Carolina team looked compared to Texas A&M, Coach Jackson’s off season conditioning program has to be the best in the nation. Those guys were in stellar shape. Whatever Jackson puts those boys through works.

There is so much more we could break down from the game. Donnie Baggs onside kick recovery, Cameron Clear and AJ Hillard’s injuries, the rest of the WR’s (There are more than the ones mentioned above!), the much improved defense. The 680 total yards gained by the Aggies was the most ever allowed by South Carolina in school history. But it’s only the 1st game. The Aggies won and they won big. Let’s soak this in, enjoy it, and get ready to move on to the next. The boys are playing next week in the new and improved Kyle Field. This is going to be epic!

And in case you missed it, here is the post-game locker room celebration. Coach Sumlin

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  1. Let me start off with I’m an Oregon Ducks fan. That said, I’m writing here about Tra Carson. Tra was a Duck for about a season. I don’t remember if he spent a redshirt year or not. He was a player that a lot of us were looking forward to his future years. In the time he was out here, he established himself as a good runner between the tackles. Not to say that he couldn’t go wide, but, that he seemed to excel inside. And, a powerful running back was something that has eluded Oregon for several seasons. Other than the season plus that LaGarret Blount gave us. But, most of our running backs have been burners who could get outside before the defense knew that they had the ball. That’s why we looked on Tra the way we did. He would give us something we lacked.

    Unfortunately, for us, and fortunately for you, Tra was never comfortable at Oregon. I’ve heard it said that he didn’t like being that far away from home. And, I can understand that. However, others can’t. There was a lot of “good riddance” when he left us. But, for myself, and most of the others that sit around me at the stadium. we knew that we were going to miss him. But, he did leave and that wound up as s good thing for aTm. I no longer remember just how long ago he left, so I don’t know how much longer he will be an Aggie. But, I’m sure that he is/was/will be a good addition to your offense. We’ve moved on and I’m glad to here that Tra has also and has done so successfully.

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