THIS Team Will Dominate : UTSA

Looks like UTSA is officially eligible to go ‘bowling’, everybody! –

The NCAA Division I Board of Directors approved the recommendation from the NCAA Division I Administration Cabinet to elect UTSA to Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS). The Roadrunners have spent the last two seasons reclassifying to the FBS, first as a member of the Western Athletic Conference in 2012 and this past year in Conference USA. UTSA will play its first season as a full-fledged member of the FBS and be eligible for a bowl game this fall.
(Never was there a doubt that UTSA wouldn’t be approved)

By all accounts, everyone in the fan-base believes UTSA has the best chance in all of C-USA to win a bowl. And wouldn’t that be absolutely crazy?!

THIS TEAM: The Roadrunners are new-ish, yes. They’re green, but not as green as you’d expect. Personally, I’d say this team isn’t green at all. You see, when UTSA began planning a team, they planned to be a dominating force. They wanted the country to take notice early on, and never take its eyes off the greatness and legacy that was being built. They are ready.

But that ‘newness; that eagerness to prove their worth, is combined with the nation-high count of C-USA senior players… At 37. Let me say it again. . .37!!! Coach Coker has groomed this team so well and this team of seniors started the football program. This team went from starting freshmen to starting seniors, who have had a winning season every year, except the inaugural season (4-6). Coach Coker has very high expectations of the team this fall and he should.

THIS TEAM of guys has been playing for 4 years together. They ARE family. Their families know each other’s families. (I’ve eavesdropped on a couple conversations post-game, and it’s so cute hearing them catch up with each other. Mentioning birthdays and anniversaries, new babies n such.) They eat, practice, and oh yeah, go to class together. They know what each other thinks at this point. They can predict each other’s moves; very much like a well-oiled machine. During spring practice, multiple seniors stopped by at the end of practice to comment. They all had a common theme: This is our year.

This team is ready. They are strong and  they fully support the rest of the team, giving freshmen and sophomores guidance, showing them how the engine of the team works. All the other players of the team work just as hard, if not harder if you can believe it, as these inaugural powerhouse seniors. So folks, believe me when I say, UTSA will dominate. UTSA will DOMINATE. UTSA WILL DOMINATE!!

THIS TEAM’S GOING TO DOMINATE CUSA!! #seniorstrong #seniorproud #UTSA

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