Hot or Not? – Atlanta

The first game of the season is in the books and the Bama Nation is still left wondering about a lot of things and not feeling very confident about the future.  It was a win; the Crimson Tide took the game with a final score of 33-23.  However, there are still a lot of rumbling fans and has left everyone wondering…did the coaches do the right thing?

There are many points that went in to play here…

  •                 Who was going to start at QB?
  •                 DePreist – a leader on defense, was out for the game.
  •                 The new offensive Coordinator was being allowed to coach on the field.
  •                 They lost CJ Mosley and Vinnie Sunseri on defense, how will that affect the team?

These were questions we had before the game and frankly these are still the questions after that game.  Blake Sims started and played a pretty solid game.  When things got tough for him, Saban and Kiffin made the decision to go to a no huddle offense.  Sims picked up and played flawlessly the rest of the game.  The good point of that is we have a quarterback that can actually play an upbeat offense, the down side to that is that Saban STILL does not like the upbeat offense tempo.

Depriest we all hope will be back before the next game.  Reggie Ragland and Rueben Foster stepped up and handled this for the most part, but it will be a great day when he returns.  Dillon Lee is also here in this line up so there is no need for great concern here.

Hate to say it, but at times Kiffin looked like a lost puppy following behind the big dog on the sidelines.  However, I think he came into his groove (as did the team) in the second half.  Understandably, Saban is a big shadow to follow in, but he MUST step up and do it, otherwise his guys are never going to take him seriously, nor is the Saban Nation of fans out there.

The defense…woe is me…I feel like this is the sore spot, as last year’s offensive line was then, they must get it together.  It feels weird even saying that, because the Bama defense has always been strong, but this team looks young and scared.  Fans are used to the defense actually scoring points for Alabama, which was the farthest thing from was going to happen tonight.

All that can be said in Alabama’s defense is:  Kevin White for the Mountaineers is a beast and has a great hand for catching the ball.  He had a spectacular game.

The highlights for Bama were Amari Cooper and “King” Derrick Henry with his fast feet, sweet TJ Yeldon with his touch down abilities and of course the forever humble #99 Adam Griffith and his glorious kicking game.

The first one is in the books, they will make adjustments and see how they come out to play for Florida Atlantic next week.

Roll Tide!

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