Can the Bama Defense handle Southern Miss?

Let’s start by saying we hope that this week’s game does not end in a rainout where both teams just decide to call it quits.  What a letdown!

Luckily the game against the Florida Atlantic Owls was a shut out 41-0 and the fear I had last week disappeared, much like the Owls did.  Both Bama QBs got playing time and both did quite well.  Jake Coker looked a little skittish or nervous at first, but he found a rhythm and ended up doing just as well as Blake Sims.  Who is going to start this weekend?  Again, it’s anyone’s guess!  Thus far they have both played well, either should work just fine with Southern Miss.

The thing to watch for in this week’s game is going to be the spread offense that Southern Miss runs.  This offense is similar to the explosive offense that Texas A&M displays.   There were worries after the first week about Alabama’s defense, but last week was a shut out, so everyone hopes that the D has gotten their act together and is prepared for anything.

Coach Saban said this week that his team still has “a lot more to prove”.  The Saban Nation is in total agreement with that.  Not much can be said about a 41-0 blow-out, however, nothing is screaming to anyone “National Championship” at this point.  It is far too early in the season to even hint at such suggestions.

Even after such a huge margin win, the Tide slipped from #2 to #3 in the polls this week.  When asked if that made me mad the answer was a resounding “No.”  How come?  The more time that Alabama has to prepare for the first BIG game of the season, the better.  Being number one or two in the polls is a huge weight to carry and a worry that no one wants the team thinking about right now.

Next week, Alabama plays the Florida Gators and your favorite gridirongirl will be there to catch all the action.  That is going to be the game that separates the men from the boys and we will see just what we are working with this year as far as Bowl Game predictions.

A true Bama fan could not close out a post without mentioning that today is the Bear’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Coach Bryant, we know you are looking down from Heaven and guiding the team.  The man still impacts the game and the fans to this day.

Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant

Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant

Roll Tide Y’all!

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