Keep Calm and Football On

Yep, I’d like to acknowledge that was a dumpster fire of a game last Saturday. There were some bright spots, to be sure, but in general these were not the droids we were looking for.

By now you’ve cried, you’ve slept it off, you’ve had fever dreams where Earl Campbell and James Street come back and win the Kentucky Derby. Can we move on? Let’s try.

First and foremost, we must keep in mind this is a rebuilding year, in the truest sense of the word. The football program got a major overhaul. New coaching staff. New rules. Coach Strong is revamping the team from the ground up. Remember the weird allusions to “rebuilding years” in the past? Yeah, that wasn’t real rebuilding. There were bandaids plastered onto the problem areas, but no real fixing.

What we have here, folks, is an absolute and total restyling of the program. Burned down the old one, building the new one on its ashes. This is what lasting change feels like. It hurts. Do I want the ‘Horns to lose? Absolutely not! Every loss hurts me. I trust Coach Strong to know what he’s doing. The largest problem, obviously, is the offense. There is no true leader. No one player has very much experience. There may be raw talent, but it hasn’t congealed into something cohesive and effective.

Don’t give up, folks. Coach Strong and the team need our patience. They need our support. Coach Strong has the experience and the staff to bring about lasting changes but we have to do our part. Don’t give up! All the livelong day.

Hook ‘em!

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