Takeaways from TAMU vs. Lamar

What can we take away from the Lamar game?  Two words – Brice Dolezal!

We could talk about the new and half- way- improved Kyle Field (which is amazing by the way). We could talk about the two hour weather delay that occurred within minutes of the big and pumped up entrance of the team and left the fans feeling deflated. We could talk about the record setting crowd of 104,728 on hand to watch the game, most of which stuck around for that two hour delay.  Or, we could talk about . . .

Speedy Noil and his 67 yard punt return for a near touchdown, the much improved defense and that they held the other team to 3 points, that tackle by Deshazor Everett that upended the QB, Kenny Hill’s performance  (17 of 26 for 283 yards, 4 TD’s), the first look we got of Kyle Allen (a shaky start, but finished strong at 12 of 16 for 122 yards with 2 TD’s) and these fun stats complied by Good Bull Hunting:  http://www.goodbullhunting.com/2014/9/8/6121819/beyond-the-box-score-week-2-3-stats-you-probably-havent-heard!

But all that has been talked about already.  So lets talk about Brice Dolezal and that 41 yard run in the 4th quarter!  How fun was that to watch? Seriously!  Did ya’ll see him!?  Most of the people that went to the game probably missed that awesome moment – since it was late in the 4th and a lot of people had hit the road to get home before midnight.  The emotional outpouring expressed by him and all of his teammates after his run was inspiring.  Here is a guy who is a walk-on backup to 4 really talented backs (Trey Williams, Tra Carson, Brandon Williams and James White) and who therefore does not get much playing time. But with the Aggies up on Lamar so much by the 4th quarter, in cames former walk-on and now scholarship back up QB, Conner McQueen, and Brice Dolezal!   Dolezal broke away for the touchdown and was immediately surrounded by his teammates – both on the field and on the sidelines! Everyone was excited for him, showing the heart of a team. When a team can come together and get so pumped up for the 5th string running back in a blow out game, their character and over all bond really shines through!

To me, that is what sports are all about.

 Well done Brice.  Enjoy that moment forever!

In case you missed it, here’s a video of the run and that amazing moment afterward! http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=11481080

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