Georgia Football: Bye Week Progressions

Week two of college football was a slow roller for Georgia come last Saturday game day. However, not many people forgot about Georgia and their outstanding Week 1 performance against Clemson.

Of course, no one team can constantly fall back on previous game history and remain the same. They must be better. They must do better. The phrases following Georgia the week have been, “Stop drinking the Kool-Aid,” “Hit the breaks,” and “Slow your roll.” The beauty about commentators is that they have their opinions, but  fan bases also have theirs. These difference make the game a football more than just a game!

Even after an exciting win and impressive second-half against Clemson, the Georgia players and Mark Richt knew exactly what was resting on the other side of their bye week. Steve Spurrier and his South Carolina Gamecocks would be waiting in the wings for week 3.

Before UGA takes the trek out to Williams-Brice Stadium to face Spurrier and his visor, it has to make some alterations over the bye week.

Perhaps the biggest adjustment will come on offense. Hutson Mason must begin to throw the ball. Opposing teams, especially South Carolina, will know where the ball is going. Hint: the ball is going via ground shipment by means of Todd Gurley, Nick Chubb, or Sony Michel.

Mason must be poised and collected in the pocket and let his receivers get down field. Georgia carried its way through the Clemson fourth quarter, but the Dawgs will have to change up their methods going into week 3.

If Georgia can mix-up their passing and rushing game, continue to increase strength on defense and keep players healthy, the Kool-Aid might just be refreshing instead of bitter.



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