Mississippi State wins on LSU’s “stomping” grounds.

Saturday September 20th the Mississippi State Bulldogs stole LSU’s thunder winning by 5 points then knocking the tigers down to #17 in the polls and #18 in the Coaches poll. But that’s hardly the only knocking M-State did that day. In fact the Bulldogs got down and dirty in the Bayou while playing at Tiger Stadium.

Davon Godchaux (LSU) saved a potential touchdown on a Mississippi State scramble from Dak Prescott (M-State) but instead of scoring and bringing the tigers into the lead he found himself on his back with 299 pounds of Dillon Day allegedly stomping on his chest. Day is an offensive lineman on M-State and didn’t receive a flag on the play, despite video evidence of him trailing the play and jumping up and landing on Godchaux’s chest with his feet.

While Day denies that the stomp was intentional it most certainly knocked the wind out of Godchaux and aggravated the tigers to no end. Fans have posted letters to Mississippi State demanding action be taken and requesting a deeper investigation, but that won’t bring back the chance to win or the rankings the tigers held just a few days ago.

All I have to say is I’m disappointed in the conduct we are seeing more and more of these days in sports, athletes behaving as if they are invincible and completely disregarding their responsibility to positively representing themselves, their team and their school as well as the sport as a whole!


On the bright side LSU has an opponent they will almost certainly beat next week, and I will have the privilege of once again celebrating with the team live in Baton Rouge. September 27th the Tigers face the New Mexico State Aggies (last I checked the Aggies were ranked last in the country) who just happen to be my second most hated team, just after Alabama. And since the Aggies suffered a devastating loss to their long time rival and my current school, UNM, they will certainly be playing with great passion. But will that make up for their lack in size, skill, or experience in the environment they will soon face? It’s hard to say, but don’t worry I will keep you posted. Keep your eyes open for a video blog on my road trip and tailgating adventures that begin this Thursday (9/25/14) night.


As always, Geaux tigers!!

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