Welcome to the SEC West! Here we go!

The time has come. We are hitting our first weekend of SEC play (if you forget about that first game against South Carolina that is!)  The next few weeks are scary and exciting as the Ags (#6) get ready to face Arkansas, Mississippi State (#14), Ole Miss (#10), Alabama (#3), Auburn (#5), Missouri and LSU (#17).  Some, including Coach Sumlin, would say Arkansas deserves to be ranked and Missouri just dropped out of the top 25.   That is some serious competition coming up!   I am preparing myself mentally for some nail-biter games, Aggie football has taken years off my life in the past and I do not expect the upcoming weeks to be any better!

As far as how A&M ranks in the SEC right now – I would say that they continue to make a name for themselves:

Total touchdowns: A&M is #1 with 29   (Arkansas is #2 with 27)

Total Sack leaders: A&M #1 with 16 (which is HUGE for the defense)

Receiving yard leaders: A&M is #5 with Malcome Kennedy’s 334 yards…

*But if you put together all of the Aggies receiving corps you get this:

Yards Per game: A&M is #1 with 612.5 (#2 in NCAA) A&M has a whole bunch of guys that can catch/run the ball and they don’t rely on just a couple of them.

Passing yard Leader:  A&M has #1 Kenny Hill with 1359 passing yards


A notable stat for Arky:  Arkansas leads the FBS with 17 rushing touchdowns (324.5 ypg) Arkansas is known for holding onto the ball and running it down their opponent’s throats.  The slow grind of Arkansas’ offense is going to be a test for this still maturing Aggie defense.  The Aggie D has been improving weekly with more and more players getting experience on the field. They depth of the defense is going to be a key issue if they are on the field a lot, especially on 3rd downs. Myles Garrett and Daeshon Hall are going to need to bring the pressure – often! Jordan – oh we need Jordan Mastrogiovanni to play lights out football. Obioha, Williams, Walker, Cunningham, Manning, Henderson – this game is going to be test for these defensive lineman.  Stop the run, hit the QB, get off the field.  It is good to have Shaan Washington back as well – keep your eye on him!   Staying healthy is going to be immensely important for the rest of the season for this team.

If the Aggies can score every time they have the ball with any of their powerful offensive weapons, and the defense can stop the Arkansas running game – I foresee the Ag’s walking out of jerry World with a much needed confidence boosting win!  Sorry Drew – I know you are lobbying for the Heisman and all – but I would be perfectly happy if you just watched the game from the sideline. #kaserforheisman (fun video you should watch — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwWnA8sapxg&feature=youtu.be)


And hey – Deshazor – if you could get another one of those pick 6’s – that would be great!

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