Entering the Brandon Harris Era

Every year around the same time I have the honor and joy of attending an LSU game live in Baton Rouge. This year was a few weeks early, but for good reason. As many of you know (or found out in my video from campus on Saturday) I am currently attending the University of New Mexico and UNM’s in rival, NMSU, is my 2nd most hated team (right behind Alabama). Well this past Saturday, LSU took on NMSU and I just couldn’t miss it!

This was my third trip to Baton Rouge and it did not disappoint! With the best tailgating experience every time, the food and atmosphere of the city and the loyalty and sense of community from the fans, LSU has never failed to provide me with an abundance of reasons to love my team.

In the first quarter of the game, LSU did make a number of poor decisions, bad plays and the starting QB Anthony Jennings stumbled around as if he had no idea what was going on. While I have 100% respect for the newby QB, I also believe that LSU needs him to do quite a bit better, especially against teams that shouldn’t even pose a threat (NMSU, Sam Houston State…etc). In fact, not only have the coaches noticed the lack of performance from Jennings, but the entire student section in Tiger Stadium lit up screaming “We want Harris” and booing Jennings off the field.

I, in no way, support or condone booing any player, especially one who is a mere rookie and a true freshman trying to fill the shoes of former QB Zach Mettenberger, who is now killing it in Tennessee for the Titans. However, it was probably one of the Coach Miles’ best decsions to replace Jennings with Brandon Harris, who is also a rookie for the Tigers.

Haris led the Tigers to a 63-7 victory over the New Mexico State Aggies with 3 passes turning to touchdowns. After the win, Harris was asked how he felt about the crowd booing Jennings and he responded saying,

“It shouldn’t be the way it was tonight where we may have somebody booing him, we need to all support him when he is in there. It hurt me to hear anything. I know you shouldn’t listen to all of that, but coming from me, I just don’t think it was the appropriate way to handle that situation.”

Coach Miles shared this position and defended Jennings completely. That being said, it has since been announced that Harris will serve as the team’s starting quarterback in the game against Auburn this upcoming Saturday and after seeing his calm, cool and collected ability to carry the team with confidence, I can honestly say he will do great things for the Tigers moving forward.

Until next time (which will not be long) love all the shades of purple and do your best to live any shade of gold. Geaux tigers!



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