Close Call in Athens: Georgia Wins Five-Straight in Victory Over Tennessee

If you had seen the 17-point spread on the Georgia game most would have 1.) Not seen last season’s game or 2.)  knew something that Georgia fan’s did not. Another one possession game sent the UGA faithful into an up-in-arms back-and-forth battle. The Defense ran the game hard in the second half, while Tennessee forgot how to make a clean handoff. Two fumbles from Tennessee assisted the Dawgs greatly, especially since one resulted in a recover six.

Georgia opened up their first home conference game against the Tennessee Volunteers and The Vols made the Dawgs look like a sad little puppy on the porch while they dominated the majority of the first quarter. Good ole’ Rocky Top came down to Athens and put on a show. Unfortunately, the show wasn’t about the Vols. it was all about Todd Gurley.

Hutson Mason acknowledged the troubles he had Saturday giving Todd Gurley a huge endorsement for his performance. Mason erased his clean interception record and notched two in the column. Mason and his wide receivers essentially failed to execute the passing game and Michael Bennett was the leading receiver with a mere 31-yards. Overall, it comes down to connecting with the receivers and Mason have more confidence. This will be a must moving forward to next week.

On the bright side, Gurley polished off a nail-biting, fifth straight victory over Tennessee (35-32). Gurley ran for 208-yards, a career high, and had 28 touches for the day. But, Gurley did more thann just run the ball down the field. He threw out stiff-arm, Heisman-style maneuvers and hurled over Vols’ defenders. Thankfully, Gurley put the Bulldogs on his back in Athens on Saturday earning him honors as the SEC offensive player of the week! He has also become the favorite for the Heisman. (

Injury Report:

Keeping up with trends is the Georgia way and again the Dawgs lost multiple players to injuries. The largest hit was losing Sony Michel, but luckily, Michel will be back from a shoulder injury in 2-3. This is a very good thing to hear.  Isaiah McKenzie, J.J, Green, Damian Swann, and Kolton Houston each left the game at different points against Tennessee.

Good News on the Horizon:

Malcolm Mitchell and Jonathon Rump are likely to return for the home Vanderbilt game. More than likely Justin Scott-Wesley will join the squad next week as well.

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