Highly Desirable “Original 18” Lead-Colored Jerseys to be Auctioned Off

UTSA takes on University of New Mexico (UNM) this week. These teams played last year, which in a season opener for UNM, where The ‘Runners beat them in their own stadium. The Lobos and the ‘Runners currently have the same W-L record, at 1-3. Should be a good matchup!

September 4th was the last time the Roadrunners played at home, which is hard for fans, especially those that didn’t go to any away games. Thankfully UTSA has been televised, right?!? And thankfully they’ve been good enough in the past, have an amazing coaching staff, and the team is making enough waves, to make networks take notice and want to give UTSA repeated national exposure.

This Saturday, UTSA will wear a unique ‘lead-colored’ jersey. It’s more of a heather-dusty-navyblue color, with white numbers and lettering, outlined in orange. On their heads will be the matte white helmets with orange chrome face mask, which the team debuted in Houston. The slogan for this weekend is, “Get The Lead Out”, featuring said jerseys, helmets, same lead-colored socks with gray and white bands, along with patterned white gloves and arm sleeves.

After the game, over three weeks time, these game-worn Adidas jerseys will be auctioned off. Fans will be able to bid on the jerseys online only at goUTSA.com/auction and all proceeds will benefit the football program. You know you’ve got to get your bids in early, especially for those highly desirable “original 18” numbers (These are the guys that started in 2010’s “practice” season)! A Christmas present hint here, ladies!!! At top priority, in my humble opinion, is Nate Leonard’s jersey. He is the only member of the Original 18 to have started every game. In addition, he has multiple awards for his achievements. For reference ,#4 Crosby Adams III, #5 Brandon Armstrong, #61 Richard Burge, #11 David Glasco II, #86 Seth Grubb, #68 Cody Harris, #12 Earon Holmes, #83 Cole Hubble, #92 Sean Ianno, #79 Scott Inskeep, #22 Nic Johnston, #1 Kam Jones, #55 Nate Leonard, #9 Marcellus Mack, #58 Ferrington Macon, #43 Cody Rogers, #27 Nate Shaw and #24 Darrien Starling.

This game will be an early one, guys and gals! Remember, the Spirit Walk takes place 2 ½ hrs before game time, so thats right at 12 noon, when the band, cheerleaders, spirit team, and of course Coach Coker and the football team make their way up Hoefgen (in Sunset station) and in to the Alamodome. Let’s make it a memorable one! No Keeping Calm! Let’s Get Rowdy!

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