“C’mon, Dillon Day, You Can’t do That!”

Ohhhh, Dillon, Dillon, Dillon. You can’t do that, man! State has a stomper on their hands! I’m sure State fans, and of course LSU fans know exactly what I’m talking about.

Last weekend, during the State/LSU matchup, Dillon Day, who is a Center, stomped on Davon Godcheaux’s stomach, when Godcheaux fell after a tackle. Day also stomped directly on Rashard Robinson’s groin, which took Robinson out of the game. His actions caused quite an uproar amongst both teams. State’s fans want to rally around him and say his actions were completely unintentional and any thought to the otherwise is complete balogna.

Looking at replays without bias, it seems clear that Day’s actions were fully intentional. He could have made a big leap over the players or even short stepped to avoid them. Instead, Day will miss the entire game against Texas A&M, a decision made Monday morning. Initially, the punishment was to sit out half of the Texas A&M game, then shortly after the decision was changed to the entire game.

It’s hard to comprehend for a lot of fans, and rightly so because these stomps didn’t even get flags during the game. After the game however, he received two flagrants (for the stomps) and one unsportsmanlike conduct for a late hit. After Monday’s ruling,  hashtags popped up like #FreeDillonDay. A petition was even started on change.org, essentially calling out every football player that has ever done something dirty and didn’t get penalized for it, saying they should get penalized now. What makes this worse for Dillon is that he was suspended last year after stomping on an Auburn player. Especially with that history, the question to everyone outside of the State fan base is, is being suspended for just one game really enough?

Here is Dillon Day’s public apology, from his twitter account @DoomzDAY63

Dillon Day Photo


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