Georgia vs. Vanderbilt Preview: Numbers Don’t Play the Game

Over the Underestimating: Georgia Preps for Vanderbilt.

Up on deck, the Georgia Bulldogs (3-1, SEC 1-1) welcome the Vanderbilt Commodores (3-1, SEC 0-3) this week to Athens. Georgia is a clear-cut favorite going into this weekend, however, taking a look back at last weekend’s large spread and the Dawgs merely clutching on by three, undermining of the Commodores is not ideal for Georgia.Case in point, last year when Georgia failed to take Vanderbilt seriously and fell short, losing 31-27. This year, Georgia cannot afford another close call lose this season after South Carolina.

Georgia will need to ensure that all cylinders are oiled and running smooth. Every unit will need to be aware of their job, execute the plan, and finish the drill.

Hutson Mason:

After breaking his clean streak, Mason will need to open up and trust his receiving unit. The passing game has been less than desireable this season, to say the least. Mason has performed well but has less than 200-passing a yards in four games. Vanderbilt will be a another good opportunity for Mason to use his instincts and let the ball fly. To his benefit, Mason will have Malcolm Mitchell back on the field. The Vanderbilt match-up will be Mitchell’s first game back since the 2013 season opener.

Todd Gurley:

Gurley holds the No. 1 spot in the current Heisman polls and refuses to give analysts any reason to doubt his placement. After a 208-yard running game against Tennessee, Gurley’s work ethic on the field is undeniable. Against Vanderbilt, Gurley will be relied on heavily – assuming his consistency remains intact-  the running game will be strong and come early.

Special Teams and Defense:

In order to keep the game in proper order, Georgia’s special teams will need to be on guard. Kick off return teams, punt returners, and kickers must be clean and efficient. Georgia’s defense must stop Vanderbilt’s attempt to capitalize on any of these aspects. Failing to stop a kick-off return of any significant gain could jeopardize the game.

When looking at the numbers, Georgia is the well-pronounced favorite but numbers do not play the game. Georgia will walk into Sanford a 32.5 favorite that could result in a hard and early beating of the Commodores or a spread out battle like Georgia has experienced before against South Carolina, Tennessee and Clemson.

A good game should be expected for the 4 P.M. SEC kick-off. Tickets were returned from Vanderbilt so that means more room for the red and black. Prepare for a fast and intense run game from Gurley and watch for the highflying passes from Mason this weekend.



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