Katy Perry is No gridirongirl and Southern Grace in the Grove

Alabama’s first loss of the season comes after a stunning victory by the Ole Miss Rebels in the Grove on Saturday.  Most Alabama fans were surprised because Ole Miss has not beaten Alabama since George W. Bush was in office.

The entire game was plagued by Alabama injuries with someone going down or coming out on almost every down.  The most notable injury of the night came when Kenyan Drake went down with a severe ankle injury.  As the fans watched you could hear his screams and then notice that his foot seemed to be pointing in a different direction than his leg.  He was carried off the field on a stretcher but gave the Saban Nation the thumbs up.

Before the start of the game, Ole Miss Coach Hugh Freeze said that his team “came to compete.”  Careful not to say win, but to say compete, he really caught Alabama’s  attention.  At that point, Alabama’s fans  knew that the Rebels came to play.  They came out on the field ready to rumble and scored a field goal on their very first drive of the game.

There were missed opportunities on both sides, Alabama’s Adam Griffith missed his first field goal attempt and Ole Miss’s kicker missed his next as well.  It was 0-3 Ole Miss at the end of the first quarter.  In the second quarter, Alabama’s starting QB Blake Sims was able to walk in a touchdown to finally put some points on the board for the Tide.  Griffin went on to miss another field goal attempt.  Mississippi’s defense never once gave up and at halftime the score was 14-3 with Alabama in the lead.

Going in to the locker room, no one knew that Alabama would come back out on the field and lose a game that they had a 9 point lead on.  The 3rd quarter dialed up a TD from Ole Miss and Griffith finally nailed a 44 yarder for 3 points.  Then the 4th quarter rolled around, you know the one that normally belongs to the Tide?  Well, the Ole Miss Rebels took over and Bo Wallace went on to throw two more touchdowns to win the game.

Take aways?

  • The Ole Miss Defense is no joke.
  • The Alabama secondary is turning in to one.
  • The Ole Miss studen section lacked class (as they chanted F*** YOU ALABAMA!)
  • The Ole Miss tailgaters won the game with the grace that can only be found in the South.
  • Katy Perry is an insult to female football fans everywhere.

Sometimes losing is learning a bigger lesson than winning and maybe the Tide players needed a reality check.  Let’s hope they got one and can come out strong on the road next week in Arkansas.

2 Comments on Katy Perry is No gridirongirl and Southern Grace in the Grove

  1. Why didn’t you like Katy Perry’s appearance?

  2. I just didn’t care for the fact that she knew nothing about football and instead of trying to listen and learn she just made silly girl comments like “well, I am going to pick this team because I like their colors and I am going to pick this team because the QB is cute!”…really!?!? Setting women’s lib back a few years.

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