DIY Gameday Mesh Wreath in 10 Easy Steps!

Ever notice those really cute mesh wreath’s that everyone has hanging on their door or tailgates during football season?  You really want one but you have no idea where to start to make one and don’t know where to buy one without paying an arm and a leg?  Well you have come to the right place, let this gridirongirl show you how it’s done!

Trust me, it’s so easy, even a man could do it! 🙂

• 12” wire wreath (you are welcome to get a bigger one but you will need larger mesh as well)
• 2 colors (your team colors) of 5” mesh – I used 3 colors in this example.
• 1 roll of tube ribbon (found in the floral section)
• Pipe cleaners the same color as your mesh
• Ribbon – team color or team name
• Various small decorations like foam fingers, wooden footballs, helmets, etc.
• Glue gun
• Ruler and scissors or rotary mat and cutter

All of these can be bought at any craft store.

Step 1 – Put the pipe cleaners around the wreath, going from inside to out at 1 to 1 ½ inches apart as shown:

Photo Oct 06, 2 47 59 PM

Step 2: Cut the mesh in 10 inch sections, one for each pipe cleaner
Step 3: Starting with the outer pipe cleaners, take a section of mesh and layer it with another section of mesh on top and cinch it together with your fingers like this:

Photo Oct 06, 3 39 49 PM

Take the cinched mesh and wrap it in the pipe cleaner and twist. Rotate around the entire outer edge in this fashion.
Step 4: Invert your colors and work your way around the inner pipe cleaners in the same fashion until complete.

Photo Oct 06, 3 06 00 PM

Step 5: Take out your tubed ribbon, you will use the entire roll. Start at one pipe cleaner and make a loop with the ribbon, move to the next pipe cleaner and loop it the opposite direction and twist. Go around the entire wreath until you have a loop at all pipe cleaners.

Photo Oct 06, 3 21 52 PM

Step 6: Cut away any frays from your wreath

Photo Oct 06, 3 49 30 PM
Step 7: Cut and trim your ribbon in 5 inch sections. Fold each section in half and then in half again and make one cut with your scissors. Be sure to cut the ends so they are nice and neat. I also seal my ends with a lighter.

Photo Oct 06, 3 51 11 PM

Step 8: Attach ribbon to various pipe cleaners on your wreath filling any holes.

Photo Oct 06, 3 53 44 PM

Step 9: Glue on any footballs or other decorations.

Photo Oct 06, 3 49 24 PM
Step 10: Take each pipe cleaner and tuck it behind the wreath and twist to hide.

Photo Oct 06, 4 07 00 PM
The last thing to do is FLUFF, FLUFF, FLUFF and arrange it just like you want it then hang!

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