Guessing MState’s ‘ESPN College GameDay’ Guest Picker…

Many message boards have been talking about who will fill the “Guest Picker” seat on Saturday. So far, people have kept it within reason, and within the state boundary. I’ve seen suggestions like, B. B. King, Elvis, Oprahhhhhh!, Jimmy Buffet, and Snoop Dogg. All of which are Mississippi natives. I understand it has to be someone that can travel easily and get to Starkville within a short amount of time. But let’s expand our boundaries a little bit more.

Singer: Zack Brown Band. He had a weekly home at Rick’s before he hit it big.
Lance Bass. Former N’Sync member, from Clinton. He’s available, right??
Author: John Grisham. But, how fun would he really be??….ok, maybe not.
Eclectic personality: the Sweet Potato Queens. Wouldn’t THAT be hilarious?!?
Actor: Will Ferrell. His famous ‘More Cowbell’ skit on SNL plays at every game. He’d be PERFECT!!! The Clarion-Ledger has already reached out to him, but he will be unavailable. (Unless he’s hiding something…?? )
James Earl Jones. That. legendary. voice.
Morgan Freeman. He does everything else for Mississippi, so why not this, too??
Sports: Brett Favre. Played for Southern Miss years back, and played for Green Bay in the NFL.

I agree with the aforementioned that Oprah would be such a great surprise to have as a college picker. She could use her many powers, earthly and beyond, to guarantee MState a win! Although I’d also love to see Snoop Dogg show up with his slinky walk and  hazy eyes covered in shades. That’d be funny. And, on the same token, how absolutely fun would Jimmy Buffet be?!? He’d be there barefoot, with a huge smile, sloshing a huge margarita onto Chris Fowler’s and Lee Corso’s notes!

Let’s think about what is happening on planet Earth right now. Lunar eclipse and blood moon, climate change, and solar flares; the crazy carnies are in Jackson for the annual State Fair who bring with them all kinds of who-knows-what. College GameDay loved Mississippi so much they wanted to stay a second week. Mississippi State and Ole Miss share a Sports Illustrated cover. AND Mississippi State and Ole Miss are not only in the Top Ten, but tied in the exact same spot!!

Who knows what in the world is going to happen tomorrow. We may all be assumed idiots tomorrow by the naming of the guest picker. Hopefully not. No matter what, the decision should be exciting!

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