The Katy Perry Curse

Last weekend, ESPN’s College Game Day invited an unexpected and seemingly uneducated guest to attend and help predict the winners of the upcoming games… that guest was Katy Perry. While I’m sure you have heard the stories about her performance,  it has literally taken me until today to interpret my feelings toward the pop star who may or may not have jinxed the tigers in their game against Auburn.

Many people get superstitious about sports, and the text from my dad saying that he thought LSU would lose by 35 points (1 more than what they actually lost by) wasn’t exactly helpful for LSU. But it was Katy Perry’s stunt that I believe put a jinx on LSU as an air of disrespect filled the booth on College Game Day.

The panel chose between multiple games and her predictions were made in what seemed to be done to boost ratings for herself and for the show. When the panel came to the LSU vs Auburn game, Perry looked right at Chris Fowler and asked if he had said “LSU or LS-Phew?!”. At that point, Perry drew out a plate of corn dogs and stated loudly that she predicted an Auburn win.(The entire joke comes from the Ole Miss- LSU rivalry and the rumor that Ole Miss fans believe that tigers smell like corndogs). LSU fans have since been complaining that Perry’s appearance on the show was unfair to fans of the show and its educational purpose but mostly they complain her stunt of throwing corn-dogs into the audience and acting disgusted was out of line.

The main issue here is that Ms. Perry seems to have cursed the Tigers with her rude jokes and unnecessary remarks. Yes, a curse. As a long time fan,  I have become one of the most superstitious fans there is and even if she did not in fact put a curse on the tigers it was very clear she had no respect for them and a negative remark goes a really long way in sports.

So now it is up to you tiger fans. Did her hurtful behavior bring a negative vibe to the tigers in their SEC face-off against Auburn?

In the meantime I’d like to say I still feel the sting of that loss to Auburn so it is totally acceptable if you also still cry when you think about it. But hey! keep loving purple and living gold and keep the faith. LSU  plays Florida, a big week for sure!



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