Trying to Avoid a Mishap in Missouri

This week, the No. 10 Georgia Bulldogs will head west to face off against The No. 23 Missouri Tigers. Missouri has been a proven opponent in the past and will be no different this season.

Georgia will hit the road having a 4-1 record with the potential to increase to 5-1 which would be the most successfull first half of a season since 2005. Despite the shaky performance from Hutson Mason, he is still a winner. Mason’s goal has always been to win games and he is leading his team toward that goal.

Keys for the Dawgs:

Have Confidence in Mason: Although Hutson does not possess the top passing record, he still has an impeccable passing completion record. He has proven his ability to get the job done in his own way. Even with Brice Ramsey in the back up slot, Mason needs the confidence of the coaching staff and the Bulldawgs Nation as the Dawgs progress to the halfway point. Mason will need to be on watch for Shane Ray and Markus Golden—who rank first and third, respectively, in sacks per game in the SEC. Mason is more seasoned than Ramsey and will be the better choice for an on the road match.

Guard Your Man: Mentioned earlier, Georgia will need to be running on all cylinders against Missouri. Georgia offensive-line will need to protect mason and stop Ray and Golden from dropping Mason in the backfield. Georgia’s starting five on the O-line have been together and working harder than ever in order to reach a unified front enabling wider lanes for the run game  and to allow time for Mason to get the ball to his intended receiver. Center David Andrews, left tackle John Theus, left guard Brandon Kublanow, right guard Greg Pyke, and right tackle Kolton Houston will lead the charge and be the wall against a challenging Missouri defense.

Georgia will face a tough battle on the road against Missouri. There’s no doubt about it. The SEC East vs. West match will kick-off at noon in Columbia, Missouri. Let’s hope the Dawgs leave Columbia a winner this go around.


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