We’re Off To See Big Tex! Texas vs Oklahoma: A Preview

Before we depress ourselves: did y’all see this about Art Briles? He said the Texas defense shut down the Baylor offense. SHUT IT DOWN. Let’s savor that a moment, shall we?

It’s nice to feel good for just a quick second.

I was perusing some articles and posts online about past Texas/OU games. Like in 2008, when #5 Texas beat #1 Oklahoma. Remember what that felt like? To be consistently in the top 10 in the country? Oh, those were lovely, halcyon days.

Last year I was predicting doom and gloom for the OU game as well. It’s a familiar story: the defense was bringing it, but the offense was floundering. David Ash went out in the BYU game and the ‘Horns limped along with Case McCoy (lots of heart, and…lots of heart) at the helm. So it wasn’t outrageous to be pessimistic about Texas’s chances to upset OU. But it happened. And as a result, your eyeballs got to feast on some glorious Blingee images of unicorns.

Sorry, football nerds, but I’m again predicting a spanking from the Sooners. Maybe it won’t happen, just like last year? You’re all aware my Magic 8 Ball quit on me so now I’m down to looking for omens in the flights of migratory birds. They’re not optimistic, either.

Both teams are coming off a loss. Not only did OU lose, they lost IN TEXAS TO A TEXAS TEAM. Fair enough, not the ‘Horns, but still. They were on Texas soil and were given a bit of a whipping. They had issues similar to Texas’—their offense couldn’t deliver. It’s hard to type that with a straight face when OU scored 33 points and only lost by four. Has Texas scored 33 points total this season?

Last week, OU’s sophomore QB, Trevor Knight, went 14 for 35 and threw two interceptions. He did not have his best performance. This QB can be rattled. OU has a pretty stellar running game, so their normal modus operandi is to just run the ball to death and score a million points. The Sooners do not want to rest the game on the throwing arm of its QB. Therein lies the defensive opportunity.

Texas needs to blitz early and often. The ‘Horns have been incredibly successful in shutting down their opponents’ passing games. The running game, not so much, and that’s where OU can hurt you and put points on the board. We’ve discussed the Texas 3-3-5 defensive scheme, and how it’s suited to pass protection. Coach Bedford may have some tricks up his sleeve yet. If the defense can largely eliminate OU’s potent running game, they have the opportunity to control the game.

Which brings us back around to the Texas offense. Swoopes, bless his heart, admitted being very nervous during the Baylor game. This is a good time to remember that most of the Texas offensive line are still teenagers. These are kids! While we expect them to understand and handle game-day pressure, it’s understandable to be undone a bit when facing a powerhouse like Baylor.

Let’s pause for a minute and think about the irony of that last phrase…a powerhouse like Baylor. I need to lie down.

Moving on! Swoopes had a sort of lousy game against Baylor, which we’ve already covered. He has the ability, but he has to learn the ropes. Last week was one more high-pressure situation under his belt. Things didn’t go his way. He has a lot he wants to prove. Trust me, Swoopes, we are standing by to be impressed. The OU defense showed last week that its secondary has room for improvement. They are susceptible to big plays, especially if Texas backs or receivers get to that second level.

Challenge accepted (part 2).

To be fair, Swoopes did actually really well in the UCLA game. That game was also played in Dallas. Maybe he has Dallas mojo? That could counteract the Katy Perry mojo! That’s what this year’s Red River whatever-it-is will be known as: THE MEETING OF THE MOJOS.

My wish list for this week:

  1. May the defense play at a level that causes Art Briles to lose consciousness.
  2. May Swoopes discover meditation and chant his way to a victory.
  3. May Bob Stoops have a cherry red face for the entire game (this one’s a sure thing).
  4. May every Texas receiver have flypaper hands and every running back see nothing but green space in front of him.
  5. May the cameras cut to an image of a crying child wearing a Sooner tee shirt at the end of the game as Texas fans tear down the goalposts.

Gametime is at noon Eastern time on ABC, so people with eyeballs can actually view it! OU is a 14-point favorite. Wager as you see fit, children.

All you Texas people, get in your motor-type vehicles, wear burnt orange, and get yourselves to the Cotton Bowl! You know those homers from Oklahoma will be there with their unclecousins and their covered wagons and their weird horse mascots. Be proud! Scream! Show off your superb dental health! If Texas goes down, so be it. There’s always next year (Bionic Longhorns. It’s a thing).

Hook ‘em!

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