Reverse NFL draft?

A reverse NFL draft is not real but if it was LSU would overthrow every team in the nation with ease simply by redrafting their starting offense from last fall. The names that were once familiar in not only Baton Rouge or the SEC but around the country, would lead the fighting tigers back to the top fearlessly destroying every defense in their path. These are the men who struck fear in coaches’ hearts as they set their defensive lineup for their match-up against the Bayou Bengals. Names like Running Back, Jeremy Hill, and his two best pals Odell Beckham Jr and Jarvis Landry, a couple of the best receivers the tigers have seen, would overwhelm teams this season in an instant.

Recently in an interview with Coach Miles, a reporter asked who he would draft back if given the opportunity. Miles’ response was definitely not lacking in humor as he responded with a smile,

If you draft back and the NFL put in a new rule that a college team that’s entered juniors in the last two years, the ability to at least draft back four, or maybe eight guys, that would certainly be something that would be enjoyable.”

In the past two years LSU has lost 17 underclassmen alone and many of those are names we recognize now in the NFL. Miles would more than likely redraft the underclassmen named above in addition to Trai Turner and possibly a few more. His team needs the energy and certainty those men brought with them. This season has been lack-luster to say the least and at this point, the tigers need more than a small win over Florida to rewire themselves as the successfull dynasty they once were. The tigers need more than a head-strong fan base to win.

In fact, fans are putting quite a bit of pressure on these boys of fall and players from the past suggest expecting just a little bit less from our youthful team. Former offensive lineman turned New Orleans radio host,T-Bob Hebert, says that fans need to give a little bit more slack.

“I believe now is the time for Tiger fans to adjust their expectations for this season once and for all.”

And fans, he might be right. Expecting the kind of plays we saw last fall from our rookie players isn’t fair. These plays were carried out mainly by seasoned sophomores, juniors and seniors. The current, freshman quarterbacks are still finding their bearings in this chaotic world of college football and will likely not be making the kind of calls we saw Mettenberger and his offense make last season.

Many of you know that I am anything but gentle with my criticisms of athletes. Whether they’re on my team or not I can dole it out far better than I can take it. But, I do it out of love and high expectations that these players have set for themselves. If Leonard Fournette wasn’t expected to be the best we’ve seen in years by experts, I would never say that he is letting me down a little. If Odell Beckham Jr. hadn’t made a name for himself catching balls from yards away I would never dish out criticism. If Johnny Manziel hadn’t shown the SEC what a quarterback could do, I would never criticize his off the field behavior or expect anything from him. In fact my critiques are made for those I see worthy, and only top of the line athletes with the utmost potential are worth my thoughts. So yes, I have some tough criticism for these Tigers. They need to grow in a more ways than one but they’re on the right path and I’m certainly not the only person to recognize that in them. As Herbert put it,

“LSU will be an underdog in almost all of their remaining matches and things may get worse before they get better. I, for one, will continue to watch and cheer for these  players because regardless of how they are performing on the field I know they have worked their butts off.”

Hebert went on to advise that fans hope for success and victory but expect much less because our fighting tigers are young, they are still learning their own strength and we will see that strength one day. It just might not be the day we prefer.

No matter what, reverse NFL draft or not, Coach Miles is putting his team out there week in and week out to improve and in time, the tigers will reap what they have sown; hard work and victorious seasons. In the mean time, it is still “GEAUX TIGERS!” for me, and hopefully for all of you.

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