The ‘Roll Tide’ Heard Nation Wide in Prime Time

Last night  the new show NCIS: New Orleans spiced things up a bit by throwing in some good ole college rivalry talk.  One of the lead characters is played by none other than Lucas Black, a fellow Alabamian.

You maybe asking “What the heck does this have to do with Alabama Football?!”  Well, let me explain:

Through the entire show, Lucas’s character talks about how his alma mater is the University of Alabama and even gives a “Roll Tide” quite proudly!   What makes that even more amusing is that the scene is set deep in LSU territory.

Lucas preps us for this "Roll Tide" heard around the world

Lucas preps us for this “Roll Tide” heard around the world

I have always loved Lucas because he is from my state and he doesn’t even attempt to hide his accent, he has even turned down roles that have asked him to do that.  My favorite quote of the entire night was this:

“They’ll say drinking and tatting don’t mix. That’s how I got a tattoo of Big Al on my derriere. Roll tide!”

Then he went on to explain to his co-worker that Big Al was the school mascot.

According to Lucas, he still watches Alabama football every weekend and getting to say “Roll Tide” on the episode was quite a treat for him as he flashes his great smile.

His twitter bio reads “Southern by the grace of God”

Amen Lucas, Amen.

And Roll Tide!

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