Forecast: Angry Cyclones

David Ash is going to play baseball, y’all! How exciting is that? There’s less likelihood of a concussion, you don’t generally get tackled, and he can continue in athletics. Our lovely editrix is not the baseball fan, but I’ll sneak a peek-a-loo here and there into Ash’s baseball career. Just don’t tell on me. OK, so nothing’s for sure, but he’s out throwing some pitches around. Let me dream a little dream.

Wait, why are we here? Oh! Football! All three of you who read the blog are probably wondering why the radio silence since last Saturday’s game against OU. Well, it’s been quite a week, work-wise. So apologies, and here I am.

I hope you checked out that slug-fest on Saturday. I am not necessarily upset about a five-point loss to the Okies. The defense played lights-out football for almost 100% of the game. This Texas defense is the real deal, people. In no way did Oklahoma look like the superior team on the field. When the offense is operating at the same level as the defense: look out. It’s going to happen, too. I was impressed with the exponential improvements I saw in the offense. Aside from the pick-six, of course.

I can’t even about special teams. Honestly. Take away the kickoff return for a TD (stunning in its ineptitude on the Texas side) OR the pick-six, and Texas wins this game. They certainly won the statistics contest, including an embarrassing 11 penalties for 85 yards. No way does OU play mistake-free football. They just got the benefit last Saturday from the refs in that regard.

Before we dive into the upcoming Cyclones contest, there are things that bear repeating about last week’s game. In no particular order:

  • Texas held Oklahoma to 50 plays on offense.
  • The Oklahoma offense was held to 232 yards and was 1/11 on third down.
  • The announcers actually praised Tyrone Swoopes. Actual, live praise with human language. It was amazing.
  • Swoopes had his first—but not last—300 yard passing game.
  • Texas very nearly won that game.

Moving on! The Cyclones are coming to Austin, and they are MAD. No matter what they tell the media, the Iowa State team can’t stop talking about that fumble-not-fumble last year that sealed the victory for Texas. I will not besmirch the name of well-known spirit animal, Johnathan Gray. But Iowa State will. They have also called into question the parentage of every official from last year’s game. And, Iowa State is out for revenge.

The Cyclones tear into Austin with a record identical to Texas’s. They’re looking to upset the ‘Horns at home as payback for last year’s game. The Cyclones don’t pack that much of a wallop, but then again, Texas hasn’t turned in consistent performances so far. Especially on offense and special teams.

Iowa State QB, Sam Richardson, is their most prolific offensive player. He relies on his passing game but he also leads in the rushing game with 283 yards. The Texas defense has shown the ability to shut down the passing game so effectively. Last week against OU, the Texas defense also shut down their running game. Iowa State doesn’t boast an offense nearly as high-powered as OU’s, so it’s unlikely Texas will have difficulty stopping them.

However, motivation through rage is pretty potent.

Cyclones linebacker Jevohn Miller is 3rd in the Big XII for total tackles. That’s no small feat. He is definitely dangerous. Considering the inconsistent play of the Texas O-line, Miller might make a crucial difference in the game. Much will come down to how Swoopes handles himself. Will he continue showing maturity? Improve on mistakes from last week? It would be satisfying to see a solid win with four complete quarters of play.

Texas is favored by 11 or 12, depending on who is doing the predicting. This is a home game, so please put rear ends into seats and cheer for all you’re worth. This team is still finding its way, but each week sees another step in the right direction, and they need support from the fans. Gametime is 8:00 p.m. Eastern. Unfortunately, it’s on the Longhorn Network, so congratulations to the 15 people whose actual eyeballs get to see it! I’ll be hitting “refresh” every 10 seconds on Twitter, so you folks keep the updates rolling.

Let’s meet here after. Hook ‘em ‘Horns!

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