Georgia Preview: Ready to Rock in Little Rock

Georgia is unquestionably a front-runner in the SEC East. Now, it is time for the Dawgs to venture out west to take on the Arkansas Razorbacks. After the shutout domination over Mizzou last week and with Todd Gurley still suspended, Georgia plans to use the same drill against the Razorbacks.

The question on everyone’s mind is, “When will Gurley return?” Unfortunately, the NCAA has yet to pass down any ruling on the matter and the matter at hand is Arkansas. With or without Gurley, the Dawgs will continue to push forward and play even harder in support of their teammate.

Setting up for another away game, Georgia will need a few key factors to prevail over the Razorbacks.

Focus: While the hype still rests on the topic of Gurley’s return – or lack there of- Georgia will need to approach this game with as much enthusiasm as the team brought to Mizzou. Georgia is skilled and capable of grinding out another SEC win and keep the Razorbacks from gaining their first SEC win this season.

Persistence: Hutson Mason has been just that: persistent. Mason has continued to manipulate the game by doing what a quarterback should do. Mason has thrown more touchdown passes than interceptions, he consistently has a high percentage of completed passes, and Mason knows how to adjust when his top tailback is MIA. As a fifth-year senior, a football program can’t hope for much more. Overall, Mason has continued to look out for Georgia as an entity and not just his personal accomplishment. Win as a team and lose as a team. Mason’s goal is to win football games. Continue on, Mason.

Work Ethic: Young-gun Nick Chubb is fast becoming a household name. To his credit, Chubb showed up in impressive fashion, carrying the workload while Gurley and Keith Marshall are both sidelined. Chubb put the team on his back and barreled and broke down Mizzou’s defensive front. He will need to continue his bashing to assist Georgia to another road victory.

Players are capable of winning a game, but coaches make physical abilities come to life on the field and guide the games best practices. Georgia has benefited from the coaching staff addition of Jeremy Pruitt, as witnessed last weekend. The hard, fast pressure of the defense lead the Dawgs to cause a lot of turnovers and  kept the tigers to a low number of conversions. The Bulldogs will need to recall that intensity and push it in the Razorbacks’ face in order to shut the door on their winning dreams.

Georgia and Arkansas will kick-off at 4 P.M. on the SEC Network.

Go Dawgs, SIC ‘EM!

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