Bama Shuts Out Texas A&M and Silences the Critics

Things are all happy and quiet again here in the South.  After much tension last week from the Alabama Fan base and Nick Saban declaring how “pissed off” it made him for people to doubt a one point win, things have finally settled down.  On Saturday, the Bama boys unleashed a beat down on staunch rival, Texas A&M, a complete shut out 59-0, that basically shut everyone up…even the critics.

Alabama is now back in the top four and back in the race for a title game.  Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, Alabama still has some heavy contenders coming up, they still have to play Mississippi State as well as Auburn.  However, things are looking up and on Monday morning,  everyone is happy.

The win had a lot to do with Coach Saban giving his offensive line a pep talk that helped pull the team together.  The sideline on Saturday felt “electric” and anyone within a hundred mile radius could feel it.  Alabama got their groove back and came out with a bang.  Texas A&M never even had a chance to even put points on the board.  It was one of the most amazing Alabama games ever because it wasn’t a “nobody school”; It was TAMU, and after having to handle Johnny Football last year, the Tide was ready to deliver a win on a silver platter.

The best part was that Alabama got so far ahead, Coach Saban gave the green light to some of the younger players and let them play out the rest of the game, giving them valuable game play time.  Fans also got to see some action from Jacob Coker, something Bama fans have been salivating for.  So not only did Saban pull of the coup of the century  by shutting out TAMU but he also pleased the fan base, and in Alabama, that’s a lot of people to please.

Next week Alabama travels to Knoxville to take on the Tennessee Volunteers.  Let’s hope their game on the road is as good as the game they played at home this week.  If so, Vol fans will be crying ‘Rocky Top’ instead of singing it!

Roll Tide Y’all!


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  1. Maybe you might say that TAMU is a burst pipe or even a missing pipe defensively. But, what about scoring? Nobody has made them look like one of the worst FCS schools there is. The MSU game was a boatload of turnovers to wide open defenders and dropped passes, but they didn’t look schematically bad offensively against them. The Ole Miss game wasn’t terrible for TAMU either. They at least on some level looked like competition from a major conference against the top 2 teams from the SEC. Now, that seems to tell you that either Alabama’s defense or offense has turned a corner or it is somewhat a matter of home cooking VS road diarrhea. If the latter is the case, then Alabama has to be the luckiest team in college this year–getting #1 MSU(a team they have owned regardless of their ranking) and AU(a team that they have beaten probably 80% in the Saban era) both at home. Again, if the latter is the case, Alabama has to take care of business on the road against teams they should beat and explode at home. With that logic, LSU seems to be surging now and could be a problem game. If the first condition is true(meaning that Alabama has turned a corner on offense or defense or both), then Alabama would likely win out and be watching what happens in the west and/or SEC title game(if Ole Miss does not get 2 SEC losses). Hint: If Alabama doesn’t win all their games, it won’t matter who plays where because the west representative will be MSU, AU, or Ole Miss. But, Ole Miss controls its own destiny despite what Alabama can do. So, if Ole Miss plays Georgia in the champ game, then Alabama may need for Ole Miss to win so that they can get the at large bid; Alabama can’t have Georgia with 1 loss and Ole Miss with 1 loss overall. If that happens, Alabama would likely be the first team out. I’d be tremendously surprised if 3 teams from the SEC should get into the playoff. If Ole Miss gets 2 SEC losses and Alabama wins out, then Alabama goes to Atlanta. Which condition this game was displayed will not be apparent until they go on the road at Tenn(played better against Ole Miss than the score indicated) and LSU(appear to be surging right now). These games will likely be competitive only if Alabama still struggles on the road.

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