LSU vs Kentucky: Cat fight!

I am on of the largest advocates for football being played the way it was designed to be- rough and tumble. However in watching these LSU games, it seems some players are going too far and being completely un-sportsman like.

I watched in terror as Kentucky freshman wideout, Dorian Baker, laid LSU’s linebacker Kendall Beckwith out with an excessively violent block, sending Beckwith to be cared for on the sidelines by medical staff. But that wasn’t the worst part! Baker continued to curse and back-sass at the tigers even after the play was done and everyone began clearing the area. I understand some positions are more violent than others; I wrote a 35 page essay on the topic last spring for a media criticism course but the hit was visibly helmet to helmet. Baker may be a freshman, but the rules aren’t very tricky to understand. You don’t hit what could be considered a defenseless player, especially not in a helmet to helmet fashion.

I can understand being angry and anxious about trailing 41-3 in the 3rd quarter but there are far better angles to take inorder to deal with those emotions rather than attacking a player on the opposing team before carrying on with verbal attacks after the play. Move on buddy, you!’ve done your worst.

Coach Miles made an official statement saying LSU has turned footage of the event into the SEC offices and is currently awaiting a response. Miles also told the press he knows the play was out of line and unnecessary because he saw other players make legal hip level blocks throughout the game, naming Jamal Adams specificially for a proper excution of a block play. He also confirmed that Beckwith did not suffer a concussion from the play and will likely play against Ole Miss this coming weekend in the Bayou.

Baker surely isn’t the only player who left Death Valley with his foot in his mouth. His quarterback, Patrick Towles, was certainly right there with him after his bold confrontation of  tiger fans saying “I hope they get as loud as they can.”  However, Towles left saying his team was rattled and that this particular loss felt a lot like a “punch in the stomach.” Great metaphor Patrick, the Tigers definitely had their fighting faces on.

At the end of the day, LSU made a statement against Kentucky- one we’ve all been waiting for. And they aren’t done yet so don’t give up on them. These tigers looked like a finely tuned machine, completely clicking as a unit. The thing about individual talent, as I’ve said in the past, is it doesn’t win the game. Sure a great receiver can pick up a bad quarterback’s slack but that doesn’t reduce the job for anyone and overall just makes the team weaker in the long run. You cannot count on one or two players to carry the team and against Kentucky, it was clear that LSU is beginning to mesh into a team rather than a collection of talented individuals.

With gold shining out of every aspect of the team, LSU pulled out a much needed win (by over 30 points!) over the Wildcats. Everything from a punt return turned touchdown by Tre’Davious White to Terrence Mageee’s overwhelming rushing game in the second half to the defense’s constant improvements, had the bayou bengals looking more like an SEC team than they have all season. Even College Gameday’s David Pollack is noticing the worth of the tigers stating that rookie Running Back,  Leonard Fournette, “looks like he belongs now.” Despite many counting the tigers out, they have managed to turn themselves around in a major way  and fans can only hope this trend continues, especially against rival Ole Miss coming to town.

Geaux get your corndogs ready. It’s Ole Miss hate week in Tiger country!

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