The Silver Lining In Washington’s Loss to Oregon

Losing is the worst. As much as we fans hate it though, just think how upset the players and coaches are.

I really thought the game was going to be closer. The Huskies were coming in with a solid defense and an offense that has been getting better every week. The defense didn’t perform quite as well as they have this season, which can be blamed on the Ducks’ prolific offense-an offense led by Heisman hopeful and who many believe is the best QB in the country – Marcus Mariota. The Ducks also had a lot of key players return from injuries, primarily on the Offensive Line, which helped the offense keep the ball moving. Now while it’s always tough to watch the Huskies lose, especially to a division rival, this loss actually has a silver lining.  As a result of a Husky loss, the  PAC-12 still has a chance at getting a team in the playoffs. Oregon is now ranked 6th  making it possible for them to get “picked” for the playoffs.

I personally have made no secret about how much I hate the ranking system and I don’t hold much hope that this College Football playoff system is going to be much better. It’s what we have though so we have to accept it, even though it makes me want to throw a tantrum like a 2 year old in dire need of a nap. The top 5 is loaded up with SEC teams and quite frankly I think it’s crap. That statement probably makes a lot of people mad and makes them want to do verbal battle with me, but it’s what I believe to be the truth. I won’t get into all of the reasons why because well. . .we’d be here all day.

So even though most teams in the PAC-12 hate each other and wish each other many losses all season, I for one will be rooting for Oregon to go undefeated the rest of the season. The PAC-12 needs a team in the playoffs. People often overlook the PAC, but I believe it to be one of the best conferences in college football. We can’t get any props though because the SEC and ACC are glory hounds that can’t do any wrong. It’s incorrect and frustrating. Maybe if Oregon gets into the playoffs and shows them all how good they are, the PAC can finally get some props.

So here’s a sentence you won’t hear from me very often – GO DUCKS!!

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