22 Things We Learned From NFL Week 7

With week 7 of the NFL is in the books, here are some things we learned…

1. Peyton Manning is the man!

2. Geno Smith is not.

3. The Raiders are now in the lead for the #1 draft pick next year.

4. The refs are apparently to blame for every Seahawks loss. Ever.

5. The Power Rankings are stupid. No seriously, they are.

6. If a ref grabs you from behind and you swing your arm, you will be kicked out of the game.

7. The Rams special teams deserve an Oscar after their trick play against the Seahawks.

8. Bridgewaer is still not the answer in Minnesota.

9. Kyle Orton may still have some talent left in that awful 70s ‘stash of his.

10. The media is back to drinking the Jerry Jones Kool-Aid.

11. Maybe Green Bay players should look before they Leap. Playing a game with beer or ketchup on your jersey can’t be fun.

12. The Falcons are on pace for a good draft pick spot next season.

13. So are the Bucs.

14. Having the Bucs on a bye week spared us all from the soul crushing sympathy we feel when we watch them play.

15. The Bengals are incapable of scoring any points.

1 6. The Redskins’ QB situation reminds me of The Bachelorette. Who’s gonna get the rose this week?

17. The Texans may want to make sure their defense plays all 4 quarters.

18. Dallas and Denver fans are gonna start coming out of hiding.

19. While the Giants fans go back into hiding.

20. The AFC East is such a crappy division. Hey Pats fans – don’t brag that the Patriots have won it a bunch of times in a row, it’s not that impressive of a stat.

21. The NFC South is pretty bad too.

22. The 10-win-can’t-make-the-playoffs-Cardinals are 1st in their division. I wonder how long that will last?

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