Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Mississippi State still hangs on to the #1 ranking after a bye week. This week the Bulldogs travel to Kentucky to take on the Wildcats. It’ll be televised on CBS at 2:30 central time. The hype is surreal and we, as fans, all greatly enjoy the exposure given to the State football team.

2 Sports Illustrated covers! Never been done! College Game Day in Starkville! Never been done! Number one team in the nation! Never been done! Playing on national television as that #1 ranked team! Never ever been done!

The fans love it! The team and University love it. T-shirt and merchandise companies especially love it! The cowbell manufactures are at capacity, soldering handles to bells as fast as possible! This season has been quite a revival of sorts for fair-weather fans. Hop on the bandwagon, please! Come one, come all! Renew your love of everything maroon and white! Buy those t-shirts and cowbells, show up, buy tickets, and show pride for your team!

Dak Prescott, such a great person inside and out, has become the frontrunner as a Heisman hopeful! He is such a talented quarterback on the field. He has that great backstory that everyone loves as well. His family members all live in Louisiana, and are (former) LSU fans. He chose Mississippi State after Coach Mullen promised his mother, Peggy, (now deceased from cancer) that the ‘State Family’ would take great care of him.

In case you forgot, Mississippi State was the first university to use a Twitter hashtag on a football field. It was during the Egg Bowl rivalry of 2011 where the hashtag #HAILSTATE was used in both the North and South endzones. And so history was made.

History continues this season. As does the media frenzy surrounding the Bulldogs. In this seventh week of play, SECNation, SECNetwork’s game day show, travels to the Kentucky campus where the camera crews will once again surround the Bulldog team and discuss all things Bulldogs. Probably a few things about the Wildcats, too… (Week 5 had SECNation, week 6 had ESPN College Game Day) Let’s see how many cowbells can be heard in the Commonwealth Stadium in Lexington.

Bring it, and ring it!

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