Proceed with Caution, Bulldogs

In the SEC, each week gets bigger and bigger for each team, building on the previous week’s outcome. Dan Mullen said this week that, “A win in the SEC gets you an even bigger game the next week”. State has a target on their backs, not because of who they play neccessarily, but because of their national spotlight and #1 ranking. There is a lot of pressure to remain undefeated. That gnarly target will be there for the rest of the season.

Opponents surely want to dethrone the Bulldogs from their undefeated #1 ranking. Of course, the Bulldogs want to stay on top of both the rankings and the SEC.

During Mullen’s weekly press conference, he was posed this question: “Which do you like better…being the ‘hunter’ or being ‘hunted’?” Dan Mullen said in true winning coach fashion, “It doesn’t matter to me, I just love the hunt!! I love being out there, being in the game!!”

The word “Mississippi” can be hard to say. Especially when you have to repeatedly say it over and over again. Have y’all noticed the guys on ESPN’s College Football Daily (and pretty much every show, for that matter)? It has gone from a distinct 4 syllable word, “Mis-si-ssi-ppi” to 3ish syllables -“Misssss-sip-pi”. I don’t blame them and I’m not calling anyone out. In fact, pretty much all Mississippians slur it all together, too. It’s humorous to me to notice that the broadcasting world has started to “Mississippi-fy” words, just like we do.

The guys on the team, every single one of them, really need to bring their ‘A game’ every single week for the rest of the season. As any college kid and athlete would, they like their time of fame and prestigious status on campus. They love the autographs; they love the high 5s and encouraging words from other students on campus. They love that their families can watch them on national TV having such a successful college football career.

Proceed with caution though. It hasn’t been a full season yet. This level of hype and fame is new and the Bulldogs still have 5 games left to play. A win is certainly not guaranteed every week. I think everyone truly believes in the power that Coach Mullen has had on the team. The psyche has changed and he has made sure of it. The team has bragging rights right now, but the team can’t ultimately prove anything until the season is over, the Egg Bowl has been played, and we wait to see who gets picked to play for the championship. Let’s hope it’s State.

Let’s go, Dawgs!! #InItToWinIt

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