Team Inspired Pumpkins


Pumpkin Supplies

Fall is here and so are the pumpkin patches. Grab as many pumpkins as you want, midsize works best, and follow this tutorial to design your team pumpkin.

You’ll need: small bottles of acrylic craft paint, different sizes of paint brushes, extra fine glitter, school glue, burlap or other decorative ribbon, and a surface protector-I used wax paper.

Lightly rinse the dirt off your pumpkin and let it dry. Pour out your desired base color of your pumpkin onto a paint plate-mine is maroon. Use a large paint brush to cover the entire pumpkin; leaving some orange slightly peeking through gives it a cute rustic feel. Let this layer dry completely.


Pour a small amount of your next color of paint on to the plate that’ll be used for your team logo-I used white. Carefully sketch it on to your pumpkin. For more intricate designs, you may want to first use a pencil, then paint over it. (Paint mistakes can be wiped off with a sponge.)
Go over the logo again to make it bold, bright and lively.

I also added gray accents down the ridges of my pumpkin, to give it depth and a little bit more pizzazz.

If some of your paint is still wet on the top, sides and back, gently sprinkle the extra-fine glitter over it, and let it dry. If it has dried already, use a paintbrush to spread glue (very lightly) on the top, sides and back, then sprinkle the glitter, staying away from the front design. Let it dry, then add your ribbon on the stem. Voila! Now you have a cute cheerleader for your front porch!

Since there is no cutting involved, the pumpkins will last far beyond Halloween, into the Thanksgiving season!

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