UTSA: Finding the Passion

Going thru the motions can certainly happen when guys are not pumped up during practice. The good plays and tackles have gotta happen on the practice field. If the team is casual and going through the motions at practice, they definitely will not improve, which can lead ill-fated consequences on game day.

The negative cycle of this, however, can be turned around into a positive. Such as: if a non-starter has inner-dedication and motivation, is truly making the most of his time on the practice field, and keeping his head in the game, when his number is called and he gets on the field, he will be mentally ready to explode, and show the team he is capable of making plays. It can get kind of contagious to the rest of the team to ‘1 up’ this player or to play at an even higher level than has been shown before. With injuries, it goes to show that backup players from every position have to be ready to get out there on the field during games, and make big plays when it’s their turn.

Here’s a point: UTSA has a lot of guys, as does any team, that are developing their skills and honing their talents. This season, Coach Coker has been switching players a lot during games. It sometimes doesn’t make sense to the fans, but in doing this, he’s keeping the guys ready. He’s keeping them on their toes. They need to develop in order to get comfortable on the field and in order to get comfortable they need time on the field. The former has to occur in order to obtain the latter. UTSA is senior strong, of course, but next year they won’t be. Coach is doing what is right by letting a lot of guys play. It takes time as well as mental preparedness. It also takes physical, mental, and spiritual strength, and dare I throw it out there…MOXIE.

To mirror this point, Coach Coker said in his weekly press conference, “Attitude and passion — that’s what I am looking for this week. Attitude and passion. We got to really coach that up and make sure that’s always acceptable for what we want to get done. They have to come with great attitude and passion to play.”

The turn-around is coming. This weekend’s game against UTEP is a big one, and surely will be intense. The Roadrunners need to know they have the fans’ support. Attendance is key! Let’s show up and do this!

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