Bama Ranked 6th in College Playoffs

Tonight, the top 25 was announced in the college football playoff system.  It will continue to change over the weeks leading up to the actual playoff games, but that did not make tonight any less exciting.

This was the first announcement ever of its kind, so all eyes were watching.  The Bama Nation all took a collective sigh of relief when Alabama was not ranked in the top four.

Let me explain.

While the fans know that Bama is a great team, sitting high in the seed could make them a potential target.  Being lower in the polls at least takes a bit of the pressure off for the Bama boys.

After this week, things will likely be mixed up a bit and fans should be dancing this dance for the rest of the season.  Numerous big games are yet to be played and only time will tell how the college playoff committee did in their initial assessment.

Roll Tide Y’all!


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