LSU vs. Ole Miss; Miles Leads Tigers to Victory Day After Mother’s Passing

I read a tweet on Saturday after the game that read  “You never bet against a man who just lost his mother. #LSU” – @ClemsonTom  and Mr. Clemson Tom is right, you don’t. As many of you might know, Les Miles lost his beloved mother, Martha Miles, the Friday night before the big LSU vs Ole Miss match-up (confirmed by spokesman Michael Bonnette) but that didn’t stop the world’s most dedicated college football coach from getting his guys on the field and leading them to victory, even if it was pure luck.

Another confirmed death occurred during Ole Miss hate week, but this one was at the game after the last play. A fan sitting in the end zone seating died due to what is predicted to be a heart attack and not due to the storms of people rushing the field. Needless to say, the tensions were high in Death Valley on Saturday night and the stakes were higher.

After a few bad calls and some remarkably questionable passes the saying “Bo don’t know” is seeming more and more accurate than the traditional “Bo knows!”.  LSU fans might be starting to wonder if that “corn dog” smell those Ole Miss fans carry on about is really just the smell of rubber burning as they peel out of Baton Rouge after a devastating upset. Hey! It seems plausible.

Bo Wallace, Ole Miss’ quarterback, made several mechanical errors in his passes that eventually lost him and his team the game. But he’s not the only one to criticize by any means. While listening to the game feed on my phone as I drove to my friend’s house to watch I overheard the announcers state “LSU’s offense has the Ole Miss defense on roller skates” and I couldn’t help but wonder why the Bayou Bengals weren’t scoring more points if that was truly the case. The same announcers stated that LSU was a “Physical bully of a team.” Though these are the type of remarks LSU has been earning more of each week, it still took LSU multiple plays on each down to get anywhere. And  even if they had inches left they found a way to flounder around as if they were asking a girl out for the first time.

This game was a big win for LSU, but winning by an error on behalf of the opposing team isn’t quite as fulfilling as it seems, and the tigers have no reason to get cocky just yet. LSU will spend the upcoming weekend relaxing and preparing for their match-up against Alabama, whom they will need every ounce of luck, skill, and Mama Martha’s persuasion to beat.

No one predicted such an intense Ole Miss hate week or game, and many still can’t believe LSU won 10-7 over the powerhouse that Ole Miss has certainly become. Still a win is a win, or in LSU’s case, another link in the victory chain. It might have been OBJ’s presence at the game, the spirit of the coach’s mom, or just sheer panic in Bo Wallace’s final moments in the game, but the tigers will take the wins where they can get them, and this is certainly going to fuel their fire as the focus turns to beating the feared Crimson Tide.

Hotty Notty Toddy ya’ll. Geaux tigers!



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