NFL Week 8’s Top Former LSU Tiger Performances

LSU has always been known for outstanding talent and careful selection of recruits who see the tigers all the way through their NFL careers. Les Miles had the chance to spend his bye week with family mourning the loss of his beloved mother but instead made a visit to his #1 recruit, Matt Womack, in addition to hosting recruits at Tiger stadium before proceeding to work with his team per usual. Many would say it’s outlandish, but the Tigers, potential Tigers and Tiger fans all see it as dedicated and selfless. The Mad Hatter has never been one to put himself first. Make outrageous game calls? Sure! But put himself above the team? Never. That dedication is undoubtedly one of the reasons so many players move on successfully in the NFL.

After reading an article ranking 10 former LSU players in the NFL and their performance last weekend, I decided to make my own ranking of top 5 former Tigers showing off in the big leagues this year. Check it out and see where your favorite former tigers stack up.

  1. Former LSU and current Tennessee Titans Quarterback, Zach Mettenberger, is number one after doing so well in his first career start for the Titans. Not only did Mettenber complete more than half of his passes and earn nearly 300 yards in his first NFL start last Sunday against Houston, but he also threw for 2 touchdowns and only one interception!
  2. My man, Ego Ferguson, is showing Chicago how it’s done this fall! Ferguson is currently playing defensive tackle for the Bears and made a career high of 3 tackles against New England this past weekend. In his rookie season, Ego has knocked down three passes and made 12 tackles, 5 of which were solo.
  3. Jeremy Hill, former LSU and current Cincinnati Bengals running back has made 3 touchdowns, carried for nearly 200 yards and made 50 attempts in his rookie year… props to the Tigers’ pride and joy.
  4. I say Honey you say Badger… Tyrann Mathieu! Tiger fans cried when Tyrann lost to RG3 in the race for the Heisman but Mathieu has since overcome some serious personal/drug related issues and returned to his self- proclaimed “kingdom” aka the football field for the Arizona Cardinals.  This defensive back is one we’ll never forget in the Bayou and with 15 tackles, all solos, in one game, the Cardinals aren’t ready to forget him yet either!
  5. Running Back, Alfred Blue, runs the field for the Houston Texans now-a-days and it’s no wonder the team chose to snatch Blue up like hot cakes. He has carried the ball 61 times with 221 total yards this year. Ok, you are seriously “My boy Blue.”

Certainly, stats like these are why Coach Miles takes his time with the guys on his team. The value of each individual is more than worth his extra attention, and the tigers are more than likely very grateful to have someone like Miles on their side.

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